Here we go again !

Recently I wrote a post “AS A PATIENT – THIS REALLY SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME”.. About how Walgreens is forming ACO’s in connection with several hospital groups..

According this this article…  Insurance companies are creating their new networks – how Obamacare is suppose to work…

From the article:

Insurers, who are currently designing their plans for next fall, “will start with as tight a network control as they can,” says Ana Gupte, a managed care analyst with Sanford Bernstein.

It would appear that our “new healthcare system” will be ran by healthcare providers or entities that are willing to operate under “price and volume” concept.

For those 5%-10% of the patients at either end of the bell curve.. challenging and/or expensive….may find themselves denied or struggling to get appropriate/adequate care.

Is the pendulum shifting more toward the “saving” on healthcare as opposed to providing “quality” of care and improving the pt’s quality of life?

Does this mean that as much as possible.. pts will be seeing the lowest level healthcare providers first.. doing triage… on acute incidents… wonder how many pt’s symptoms will be dismissed or determined as “minor” .. when they are  – in combination – would represent a more serious condition and the pt fails to get proper treatment?

If this is what happens.. how many pts are going to be collateral damage.. so that the system will be able to save money?


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