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The Pharmacist assures the safe, appropriate and legal dispensing of pharmaceuticals, monitors drug therapy, maintains inventory and provides consultation services to medical providers, dental providers, clinic staff, and patients in accordance with the State of Washington Department of Licensing and professional scope of practice. The Pharmacist will be recorded as the “responsible manager” in accordance with Washington State Board of Pharmacy and will ensure that the pharmacy complies with all the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the practice of pharmacy. The Pharmacist is responsible for and supervises the day-to-day operational activities of assigned pharmacy site. Such supervision must be in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern the pharmacy and ensure that the highest degree of quality care is maintained. This position provides management and supervision to designated staff.


• High school graduate or equivalent.
• Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

• Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) degree.

How the hell do you get a BS Pharm or a PharmD degree without graduating HIGH SCHOOL or equivalent ?

Since the vast majority of PharmD’s are <40… is this a clue that this entity may be practicing age discrimination in their hiring practices ?

Does this suggest how in tune the person who put these job requirements and job description together.. really have any idea of what being a Pharmacist actually entails…?


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  1. “The Pharmacist is responsible for and supervises the day-to-day operational activities of assigned pharmacy site.” I notice that there is no mention of any responsibility of the ‘owner’ of the pharmacy. For a chain, the owner is the corporation. Who dictates how, what and when things are to be done in the pharmacy and who hires and fires personnel? It is not likely the pharmacy manager. The pharmacy manager is just another employee of the corporation and to keep his job he does what the corporation dictates to him. These boards of pharmacy have their heads in the sand. They have rules and regulations fit for a pharmacy of 50 years ago. For them, the world has not changed. They have not come to recognize that the corporation micro-manages the pharmacy. This is much like the Eric Cropp case where he made an error and was sent to prison. After this case, the hospital changed their procedure for how they filled prescriptions. The entire blame was put on Mr. Cropp. But, the problem went farther then him, it entailed problems and failures of the hospital. These boards are doing the same thing. They are placing all the blame on the pharmacist when something goes wrong. They do not look at the corporation and how its procedures and failures effected the pharmacy. The boards do not examine the work environment and try to ascertain what factors could have contributed to a pharmacist making a mistake. Never mind the crazy work environment to which pharmacists and techs are exposed. Never mind the ridiculous long hours. Never mind not having breaks or getting to eat. Never mind the corporation pushing the pharmacists and techs to do more than is humanly possible. No, the boards make it simple…just blame the pharmacy manager.

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