Have You Been Harmed in a Medical Facility?

skullandbonesHave You Been Harmed in a Medical Facility?


You could fill a baseball stadium many times over with the number of people who have been harmed while undergoing medical treatment each year. And that’s why we’re investigating the state of patient safety in the U.S. If you or a loved one has suffered patient harm, you can help inform and guide our reporting by filling out the form below. It asks quite a few questions, but please don’t be intimidated. Just do your best to summarize your story and one of us will follow up if we have additional questions. We promise we’ll keep your information confidential unless you give us permission to share it.

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  1. Yes.
    I have been stabbed in the back numerous times. As an ER doc for 30years, I have seen the medical system harm those who work in it as well.

  2. I went in for surgery in May 2005 for a spiral break in my right elbow to have pins, screws and plate. The anesthesia was placed in wrong spot went back into my spinal cord (in vein) I stopped breathing and put on life support and paralyzed from the neck down for about a month and 1/2. I now have Syringomyelia, CRPS, Horners Syndrome, my right arm is partially paralyzed and my hand hangs backwards at my wrist. Neuropathy pain & Severe Pain &Spasticity.
    Caught MRSA as well and had to go in a nursing home for about 4 months due to the pick-line and antibiotics I had to get daily with IV.

    • I’m guessing that no attorney would take your case?

      • Actually I did get an attorney to take my case but, The anesthesiologist Admitted his mistake. But he was a subcontractor for the hospital.Not that money brings Anything Back but when you are used to a certain income and then you don’t have it. It really was hard. My husband lost his business trying to care for me and the kids. I was 35 when it happened to me it really took me from 10 to Zero. It changed and effected THE ENTIRE FAMILY!!
        NOW I Live in Pain Everyday! I was at my position when this happened for almost 18 years, married and had a blended family of 6 kids. Five I gave birth to and my step daughter who lived with us since she was 3.
        She will be 18 in 3 weeks.
        Now I’m on Disability (Medicare) & because of the bad apples in the world. I can’t find a pharmacy on a monthly basis that has my pain medication in stock that will take my Insurance. Its not because the Insurance Company denying my meds. Its the small pharmacies that I can find who have my medications pay so much to get the medications they will ONLY ACCEPT CASH! But Guess that’s another story!
        But Again I did have an attorney representing me, after 3 tries. The sad thing is the second attorney who started looking into my case said that they couldn’t take on the case because they weren’t able to handle it financially, but low & behold when the case was done, they made sure they collected money saying it was for the work they apparently did? Huh? Humh#!? What Work?

        • I’m glad you have support, Kimberly. It’s nice to have a family that’s there for you when you need them. 🙂

          Glad to hear you got legal help, too. Since I rarely find such stories, I’m so glad you decided to share.

          Your story of having so many kids caused me to think of the amount of pain that women can endure… When we complain about chronic pain, why would a doctor think we were faking? Like we aren’t intimately familiar with pain?

  3. I had two neighbour women that contracted staph infections at a local hospital. One of the women had problems for a year after contracting the infection. The other woman was treated regularly by home health and they had to resort to IV drugs to kill out the infection. She died of psoriases of the liver. The woman never drank a drop of liquor in her life. Could we say that the antibiotics used to kill the staph destroyed her liver?

  4. How would you define “medical facility”? Does that include any doctor’s office? And isn’t a pharmacy also a medical facility?

    • This figure is just for hospitals… I have seen stats that indicate that the whole healthcare system kills one million a year and harms another 10 million from errors.

      • Obtaining a true figure would mean that doctors would have to admit when they messed up… and document it, too. Usually, it’s the patient’s fault when things go wrong.

        I mean, if you agree to have surgery that has a 70% chance of “success,” who’s fault is it when the surgery makes things worse? You’re just part of that unlucky 30%.

        No treatment has a 100% success rate. Doctors are only human. Drugs are not miracles.

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