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  1. […] Here is a link to all the ill effects to human beings having to deal with under/untreated pain… it is quite extensive and many effects can be LETHAL  http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=20995 […]

  2. […] Harmful effects of UNTREATED PAIN […]

  3. Is there a way to get this table in a larger dpi? I would like to use it in a letter that I’m writing.

  4. I was the first patient my doctor weaned down to the allowable recommended maximum, it necessitated a drop by one half of my long acting meds. When asked hoe it was going by my doc, I told him the truth, my pain was increased, but that since there’s no choice, it was my “new normal “. Then I took my b.p. It was way up, I used to run 110/70 unless I was having a pain flare, it was 149/96 or similar. It fluctuates wildly with my pain levels, which have increased substantially. Now I’m being sent for medical marijuana. Great except what I needed to order is $180, and I don’t know how long the bottles will last. Nobody cares about us, the concern is the addicts that are getting the fake opioids on the street, but we are getting the only thing left to us to function ripped away without options, or at least without affordable options. I’ve warned my doc I will refuse to reduce my opioids again, and he only stated we will revisit that. I can’t afford an 1800% increase in the cost of one med for pain. It was 10 bucks to 15 a month, now, from what I understand it’ll be $180/month, and I can’t afford it even if it works. I feel we’ve been tossed aside. We need to fight this, or things won’t change.

  5. RIP Carla she was my friend via facebook also and she will be dearly missed. No more suffering no more inhumane treatment. I hope those responsible pay. This shouldn’t be the way anyone dies. Suffering to the point that your heart just gives out. This could be anyone of us next. You’d think those in power would get a clue by now. How many more of us need die before this ends?

  6. Been suffering horrific chronic pain since a Coccygectomy went real bad in 2005:( I also suffer variou Spinal diseases w/peripheral neuropathy, etc, etc. Ps..Due to inadequate treatment to no treatment, it has affected my heart, 1 kidney and Liver:(: I have to take heart medicine everyday now:(
    I am being forced by the govt. agencies, lawmakers, etc. to suffer until I die:(
    I pray for help!:(!!!!

    • I am afraid something is going to happen tome. I was off of my blood pressure medicine for years and when the hard tapering started my blood pressure went to stroke levels. My family physician put me back on it and doubled the original dose. I also have heart disease. And my family has a history of heart attacks and strokes.The pain is now excruciating. I just hope my body doesn’t give out on me causing a heart attack or stroke. Feel like they are trying to kill us. I have a myriad of things wrong with my back and neck. A few are diseases. My Dr.made the comment that he was not looking his liscense for anyone. He is scared.

  7. […] Here is a list of the physical consequences of untreated pain http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=20995  […]

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