Guilty until proven innocent and there appears to be no path to appeal the decision.

 It would appear that “BIG DATA” will amass data from just about any place and sell it to anyone and apparently no one seems to validate the data being put into the database and the entity buying the data presumes that the data they have purchased is valid and/or has been validated.  Apparently there is company by the name of ESTEEM does collect data from various employers on their current or previous employees and sells that data to another corporation that someone has applied for a job…  This one person’s experience with this database over what many would consider basically a  NON ISSUE that was reported to the ESTEEM database has basically made him UNEMPLOYABLE in his chosen profession. Some may consider it the most severe type of retaliation from a former employer for 16 yrs.  I have also included hyperlinks from the actions of the SC board of Pharmacy and option from a law firm dealing with issues over various corporations submitting employee information to this database and using this database when considering hiring a new employee and apparently presumes the information provide from ESTEEM as of unquestionable validity.

When we had our own independent pharmacy, we were routinely that there could be severe legal consequences if we share “bad information” when we were called about a former employee that is apply for a job at another business… We were advised that the only thing that we should say about a previous employee to a new potential employer, is that the former employee was eligible to be rehired by us or the former employee was NOT ELIGIBLE to be rehired by us…  and not to elaborate on either statement.



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  1. “Risk Aversion” has become big business…
    Another way to say it is; People’s fears have become a ‘cash crop’.

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