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Silver Scripts is in the top three Part D providers… I have had this Part D program since 06/2012 and Barb has been with this company since 01/2006.

Yesterday I did this post:  Maybe you should find another company !

My monthly premiums for this policy has been done as a automatic ACH thru the same bank account, since I started.. and I use Quicken that is set up to place in the appropriate register repeat debits a couple of days before it is to hit the account.

In reviewing the bank account register the last week of Feb, where this premium has been debited from .. I couldn’t help but notice that there was not a “c” flag – as in CLEARED.. besides the Feb 11th entry for Silver Scripts. I go to my bank website to check if the ACH was there and not downloaded to Quicken for some reason — NONE THERE…

So I called Silver Script customer service one person told me that Jan 11, 2018 was made and another told me that Jan 11, 2018 “bounced”.. and that they had put my account on “direct bill”.. but I had not gotten the first piece of communication from them.

So back to the bank statement… and there on Jan 11th, 2018 was a debit to Silver Script.. with a 15 DIGIT ACH number including the specific date and time – down to the SECOND – basically a digital paper trail that it was sent by Silver Script and paid by my bank.

Back to Silver Script CS… how do I get this back on automatic ACH… since it a ACH.. NEW PAPERWORK NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED – I was told that if you used a credit card… she could set it up over the phone.  So I give her my credit card number… BFD – it all comes out of the same bank account in the end.

I get a confirmation email that the credit card had been set up, but two days latter… there is no charge for the premiums due on the credit card… so I went to Silver Script website and there was a point where you can pay on line… so I went thru the process and they wanted THREE MONTHS premium…  I must presume for Jan, Feb, and Mar and March isn’t due for another 10 days.  The next day it shows up on my on line charge card statement.

Back to CS at Silver Script and supposedly I am now talking to a SUPERVISOR … and according to her… I need to have the bank to document – somehow – that they could produce more than the ACH tracking number, date/time.. because it was a electronic transaction.

Now the BACK STORY… according to my bank, Silver Scripts submitted the same ACH debit twice in one day .. about 38 minutes apart and the bank rejected the second one as a duplicate and rejected the duplicate… but apparently Silver Script treated it both ACH’s rejected and changed my policy to a DIRECT BILL… and did not send me the first piece of communication.

The major troublesome part of this is that if someone on Medicare Part D is without coverage for 63 days… you can’t get back on until the first of the year and you have to pay a 1%/month premium penalty for every month you don’t have coverage – FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

The jury is still out if this whole CLUSTER -F was intentional, poor training, incompetence or some other moronic reason(s).

Like I recommend to others… I have called 800-MEDICARE and spent a extended period of time speaking with a representative filing a grievance.

Since all the people on these Part D programs are disabled or elderly and not everyone has the where-for-all to know how to deal with such screw up by these huge companies…. and if it was done to me is hard to believe that I was the only person that it has been happened to.. unless it was intentional ?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Steve. Happy you got it handled. I spend more time checking up on and doing everyone else’s work for my spouse and myself anymore. It’s a pain the butt!

  2. Steve, my sister and self both have Silver Script part D Medicare. I am Very Concerned as we both are barely surviving each month not only to receive our “meds”, but the additional fear that what you explained happened to you may happen to us-and we’re both too sick to try to fight this, ( no-less explain it). They have taken away All Advocacy years ago; the message at the Non-profit door pointing like a road map where to go to find a job. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Damn Steve that’s BS! I am seeing now that the people on the other end of the phone have no clue wtf is going on! I had to get a pre-auth for both my meds. Good for 6 months. I received 2 letters in the mail…. however this confirmation for my pre-auths were for the same opiate! I call them and told them I got 2 pre-auth letters but they are for the same drug. I am put on hold and finally the girl comes back on and says I need a new pre-auth. I told her I just had them filled with 2 new pre-auths! She says she has nothing on record for the one drug! Then how in the F**k did I just get my meds 2 weeks ago???? Unreal!

    I called and cancelled insurance on 2 vehicles due to the premiums that keep rising and I found way cheaper rates. All is good so I thought but then I get a letter and a check in the mail stating the check is reimbursement for the cancellation for the Homeowners insurance!!!! OMG! NOOOOOOOO! Back on the telephone again. You have to keep tabs on everything now-a days!

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