Former DEA Spokesperson: Marijuana is ‘Cash Cow’ and ‘We Will Never Give Up’

Former DEA Spokesperson: Marijuana is ‘Cash Cow’ and ‘We Will Never Give Up’Former DEA Spokesperson: Marijuana is ‘Cash Cow’ and ‘We Will Never Give Up’

Twelve years ago, former DEA propagandist Belita Nelson quit her job after spending six years (1998-2004) as an international media representative for the anti-drugs agency. Since leaving the DEA, Nelson has become an advocate for cannabis reform and the expanding of research into marijuana treatments.

Nelson — who, during her time there, eventually became the DEA’s chief propagandist — told a crowd at the Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado last month that the DEA’s war on cannabis is exactly the corrupt, money-grubbing scheme that most believe it to be.

“Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give up,” she said, according to Angela Bacca’s report for Illegally Healed.

Ultimately, Nelson quit her job in 2004 due to a fundamental disagreement with the agency over its illogical and hardball stance against the cannabis plant. She had been a firsthand witness to marijuana helping a friend struggle through side-effects from chemotherapy. Finally, when she learned that cannabis was also effective in breaking addicts off of serious opiate addictions, Nelson resigned.

“[When they hired me] they forgot to get me to sign a confidentiality agreement — and boy did I know the dirt. They called me in and said ‘name your price, $10,000 a month? $20,000? What do you want Belita?’” she said during her presentation in Denver.

But instead of cooperating, Nelson stormed from the office screaming, “You know this is safe and you are keeping it from people who are sick! I am not taking your money and you better worry about what I am going to say.”

This is certainly not the first time that Nelson has spoken publicly about the DEA’s stance on cannabis in the years since she left — but, in light of the incoming administration (including particularly disappointing prospects for the U.S. Attorney General position), hers are the type of stories that may make the ultimate difference in the months and years ahead.

“…If you think the DEA are the good guys, they are not,” she said. “They are really not. We are talking corruption on steroids.”


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  1. How much longer will this foolish corrupt nonsense continue? Decades of these lies!most informed people know the truth.Over half the states now have legalized in one form or another.Is this agency a rogue agency or what?Ive said for years they know the truth,but disregard both the truth and the will of the people.Remember us?The people?

    Does no one oversee this agency?Are there any politicians who haven’t been bought off the way they tried to silence the author?To the dea this is a game.While they play this game millions suffer that could be helped.Veterans with PTSD suffer that could be helped,and in some states people are still locked in filthy damn cages for consuming a plant.Are these type articles and comments not seen by anyone in a position of power that could put a stop to this madness?Im getting so damn fed up reading these type articles,and seeing nothing ever done.This needs to end now,not years from now.This corrupt war against a flower began on lies and continues with lies.

    • Amen,,,i say defund thee entire dea,,,make alll drug legal to all over 18,,,,use the monies saved from NOT paying a dea agency anymore for social programs,,,,Like Connie states,,addicts will be addicts,,,they will not stop because some law tells them tooo OBVIOUSLY,, so the adults who truly want to stop will be given a chance to change,,Now a days,,u get prison time or a felony on your record,,,you’ll never see a good payen job again,,,for life,,,DEFUND THE DEA,,,mary

      • Getting the DEA defunded would have about as much chance of happening as defunding congress! Though it does sound like an excellent plan!!

        • Were sitten here at home watchen Mr.Smith goes to Washington,,,,,60 years ago,,,,,,,and it is sooooo still true today,,,,it HIGH TIME,, we take our country back ehh??!!!!MARYW

  2. Is anyone surprised by this?

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