FL BOP took over one year to find imposter RPH


From the article:

WFTV’s Kathi Belich asked the deputy secretary of the state Health Department why it took more than a year to track down Gregory Klonowski, after it found out that he was posing as licensed pharmacist Allen Schleicher, even though he lived in the same Seminole County house the whole time.

“I don’t know the details of that part,” said DOH Deputy Secretary Kristina Wiggins. “Mainly, we were not able to locate this particular gentleman.”

On Tuesday, Moody and her husband came to the pharmacy board’s monthly meeting, and confronted the members. As the Moodys told their disturbing story, the pharmacy board tried to rush them, claiming time was running out and the meeting had to be adjourned.

It would seem that the MA BOP is not the only board that is only concerned about their own self-interest and  not interested in expending much resources to protect the public’s health & safety…

I have said this before … and it seems to apply here… “IF I DID MY JOB LIKE THIS… I WOULD GET MY ASS FIRED !”


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  1. “More than a year after the health department was told about Klonowski’s phony license, the suspect gave Brenda Moody, of Lake County, 100 times her proper dosage of thyroid medication. The dosage almost killed her.” What about the suspicions of co-workers and the manager?

    That same article describes another incorrectly filled prescription earlier that was dangerous. Is this respone to the FL State Board part-and-parcel of a more sinister, and underlying problem with professional accountability?

    I know in Indiana, there was a case of a pharmacist practicing for years without renewing his license, but is was something hat slipped through the cracks, as his doctored license appeared as if it was current to others.

    I don’t know how Board members are selected to serve, but it is my understanding that the ‘citizen at large’ is appointed by the governor in Indiana. This type of hushhush is mainly why I think handing reins over the Affordable Healthcare Act to States is fraught with incipient chaos, and rife with possible nepotism.

  2. Steve, we have had a pharmacist go to prison for a mistake made by a tech, so why not send the members of the BOP to prison for failing to protect the public? Here is what the woman said at the BOP meeting:
    “We pleaded with all of you,” said Moody. “We phoned you (repeatedly) and we finally had to get the FBI involved to get that gentleman off the street. You could not be bothered.”
    This is a clear example of a BOP not doing their job. And, like you say, if it were you, or me, we would be fired! As long as the public tolerates such incompetence, then that is just how long it will last. I think these state government agencies are usually exempt from prosecution. So, these BOP’s can just hold down their jobs and not do anything to protect the public. If we can get this where they have to be accountable, then everything will change.

    • If you remember… the FL BOP did nothing – at least publically – about the RPH’s that were involved with all those controls at the CVS’s in Sanford, FL. It took the DEA to take action… Those board members that are RPh’s … may still be able to be forced individually to deal with unprofessional conduct charges. Of course, you would have to get a whole new board to make it happen…. but .. that would need to get rid of all the inbreeding.

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