Fine line between appropriate pt care and pt abuse/neglect

I pulled the bottom quote from a large law firm’s website in Louisville, KY.  The question has to be asked… isn’t some of the verbiage from this law firm’s website that describes pt abuse would also describe how many pts that have a medical necessity to be prescribed controlled substances are being treated by a variety of healthcare professionals. 

Also the question has to be asked if pts in nursing home have more rights than the rest of the population receiving appropriate care from healthcare professionals ?  Many pts especially those who are home bound are as sick or sicker than some of the pts residing in a nursing home. 

Why are personal injury attorneys failing to represent all pts that are being abused/neglected ?

Common Indicators of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

“Abuse of a nursing home resident is the intentional infliction of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or financial harm. Neglect, which is a form of abuse, involves withholding food, shelter, health care, or protection that a vulnerable person depends on the nursing home staff to provide.”


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  1. Isn’t misrepresenting medications that are one thing and secretly replacing them with deadly cancer proven heavy metals concidered Abuse ? Denying a very sick patient pain relief which the person has been functional on Abuse, especially when they were prescribing these medications themselves ? Two things: denied appropriate care and the same care secretly isn’t authentic but toxic as well

  2. Gee it sound exactly like how were treated,,lied to,,disrespected,,,inhumanely,,intentional,,with holding health care,,,,,yep fits perfect,,,Soo maybe I should call them tomorrow eh??mary

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