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  1. Do they come in xxxl? I am a mother of 24 kids, and would like to clear the way for all of them at once

  2. Anthony Fauci has spent 45 years of his life serving people who return the favor by making ignorant remarks.

    I challenge you Moron, to a Duel.

  3. I truly wondered for a moment if this was a joke or he really said it. At this point I’d believe any asinine claim was actually made by these morons.

  4. Great job with that Adobe PhotoShop software Steve, or was this done with Corel’s Paint Shop Pro?
    (Just wondering)

    • I found this on the web… I have/use Corel, but not that good with it 🙁

      • FYI,
        I started with Paint Shop Pro (PSP) when the software was developed & owned by a small independent company. I can remember when the whole program came on a single 3.5″ disk. After a few years, Corel bought them out and started adding more features. Today, just the upgrade to PSP 2020 is 648 MB and involves 702 files in 71 folders. Over those years, I have been a casual user of the software and (today) I am (still) nowhere near knowing all the things the software is capable of doing, but finding/exploring those newly discovered features is half the fun.

  5. This guy is a complete moron Another “expert” that is grabbing at the wind to come up with BS solutions on this virus The more he speaks the more of a phony he becomes Hes another Andrew Kolondy !! Another phony “expert” that should be in prison!! What you posted last night about this “pre-planned” virus was just another reason to wash your hands an go on your daily life!!

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