Dr. Shouping Li, 57, was the latest victim in the national spate of physician indictments by the DOJ

Dr. Shouping Li, 57, was the latest victim in the national spate of physician indictments by the DOJ


Although we generally conjure up images of gambling and neon when we envision Nevada, the latest physician indictment and sentencing squashes all notions of revelry in this state.

Despite little detail in the news, Dr. Shouping Li, 57, was the latest victim in the national spate of physician indictments by the DOJ. The charges included distribution of oxycodone and hydrocodone. Ummm… these are prescribed by just about every physician when a short acting medication is needed. You probably know them as Percocet and Lortab. Exactly … you got these at the dentist sometime or last time you were injured. The prescribing of these medications now carries penalties of one year and one day in prison, plus a $ 125,000.00 fine.

Unfortunately for Dr. Li, he is no longer the Vice Chief of Staff at Humboldt County General Hospital in Winnemucca, but will forever be labeled a felon. This is especially difficult to fathom in a state with a glaring shortage of physicians.

US Attorney Trutanich, representing the government, that has unlimited funds to prosecute physicians stated

“Today’s sentencing is a reminder of our unwavering commitment to hold dirty doctors accountable”.

Last time I checked you could buy any drug you wanted online or at Mavericks, but certainly not at the doctor’s office.

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  1. People in the US have serious dental problems, due to the lack of regulations on dentistry, and lack of insurance. Some of these people have long term infections, where parts of their jaws, and skulls are rotting. Many have postponed dental care for years due to the cost. This kind of factual information is withheld here in the US, the media did not cover it. When they did calculations on pain and dentistry they left out a lot of key facts.

  2. I do not know Dr. Li, but if he, like so many other physicians who have been persecuted for helping patients who experience either acute or chronic pain. The government should be ashamed of themselves. Will they feel this way, probably not? I lived through the “pill mills” that existed here in Central Florida, and I, for one, was so glad when they were closed. These pill mill owners were licensed physicians who chose greed over compassion.

    So, concerning Dr. Li, I hope that he somehow is able to obtain his credibility, dignity, and life back together.

    • Several friends died under Dr Li’s care.
      One had literally boxes of bottles of painkillers according to her life partner. She was found passed out face first into her dinner plate.
      Some friends and aquaintances did not get proper care because he mis diagnosed their condition.
      I like Dr Li.
      He’s a nice guy. Lots of people think he is a wonderful doctor. I’ve been seeing him for 10 years. He diagnosed my condition and prescribed proper care. I no longer trust him. I don’t think he should practice medicine without supervision.
      You are right. You don’t know Dr Li.

      • Hi,

        Could you please provide any links to articles, or if not, in what online publication I may find any articles that accuse this Doctor of misdiagnosing or over prescribing?

        Thanks in advance.

        Best regards

  3. We desperately need good defense lawyers who are well informed on the facts of this “crisis” to donate time and services for warriors in pain and their doctors with courage and compassion!

    • It was suggested by a good authority (Dr. Mangino) that these lawyer teams should be of the highest quality, elder statesmen and doctors and that they must be paid, which makes sense. I believe Dr. Cheek has a central donation site for this exact same effort. Something like this is also in work at Don’t Punish Pain Rally. That said I could not be farther from helping this effort in any useful way unfortunately as I get sick and sicker.

  4. I wonder how long certain other Medical Doctors will keep turning away from this?

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