DOJ/DEA/SWAT and their theatrics when they raid a prescriber’s office

A year ago I left a review  I was shocked to find a reply after a year. The patient who replied to my review replied with her very detailed description of the DEA raid IN HER DOCTOR’S OFFICE. Read and learn for if or when it happens to you.

This is the reply to my review:

This is slightly lengthy but it tells of the RAID by the FBI & DEA at my pain clinic. It is my unofficial deposition. Remember this was done when the government was shut down. I’m 61 and the youngest patient I have noticed is approximately 45ish. Some have canes and others have portable oxygen. Far cry the crack head pill mill they thought they would find!

February 23, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,
I am a chronic pain patient and have been one in excess of 15 years and on permanent disability for 8 years. Prior to Dr. Ronald Moon I had to use Family Medical Care. That clinic became my primary care center. I was able to use the clinic for my routine medications such as hypertensive medication, anxiety medication well as my pain medication. I was able to use the clinic for approximately 3 years until their policy changed and they were no longer allowed to practice as a primary care doctor and chronic pain patient were no longer to be seen. I was forced to find a PCP and a Pain Specialist. I was given a list of primary care doctors as well as some pain clinics.
• I have been a patient of Dr. Moon for over 7+ years. My chronic pain is as follows: I have fibromyalgia, M.E., diabetic neuropathy in my feet and intention tremors in both hands. In addition I also have degenerative disc disease in my spine, spinal arthitis and buldging discs. I have had spinal surgery with metal rods and cadaver bone in my spine. The pain in my lower back travels down my right leg. I continue to experience chronic lower back pain. Severe headaches and at least once every 2-3 months I get blinding migraines. I have stiffness in my neck radiating down across both shoulders and extending up my neck to the base of my head. I do have PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and social anxiety which are being handled by another doctor that specializes in those areas.
• When I first came to Dr. Moon is as barely mobile even using my cane. I was homebound with the exception of my doctor visits. I was apprehensive of seeing another doctor due to the fact unless an medical issue can be visually seen or proven by diagnostic tests it did not exist. Dr. Moon through a system of questions, blood work, urinalysis and my presented systems gave me hope. Did he say he could cure me? NO. He told me that there were medications that could help make my chronic pain tolerable. Throughout the years with Dr. Moon I have had CT scans, MRIs, nerve conduction tests, nerve blocks, and a few other tests. I firmly believe that he is a conservative doctor than tries to locate the cause or root of the pain and DOES NOT hand out pain medication on a whim. In my experience he is careful to prescribe pain medication at the lowest dose that he believes will help the pain become manageable. Next visit if it’s not producing the desired results he reevaluates the situation and adjusts medication aa he sees necessary. Random urine drug screens are not uncommon. There seems to be no pattern in the randomization of the tests. Also if I am seen my another doctor or dentist for any reason and I am prescribed and narcotics I must have that prescribing doctor complete a Medical Disclosure Form. It has been this way since day one. Dr. Moon is a very caring, supportive, compassionate doctor that “talks TO me and not AT me.” There is a huge difference! Just as there is a difference between being dependent on pain medication and being addicted to pain medication. Even today I am unable to walk or stand for any length of time. If I have to go anywhere that requires walking or standing I have no choice but to use my wheelchair.
When he had to discontinue accepting BCBS insurance because of how the they wanted him to run his client and record keeping from what I could figure out.
• That Tuesday (Feb. 5th)morning at 6 a.m. while my husband and I were in the exam room waiting to be seen we both heard a loud commotion in the hall. All of a sudden my room door bursts open and 3-4 heavily armed agents entered the room. The red laser dot from the rifle was placed on my forehead and quickly to my husband’s forehead. They were loudly yelling “Search Warrant” as they burst into the room. This scared me to death! Having PTSD, anxiety and anxiety attacks this was extra stressful for me. I am so grateful my husband was with me to help me remain as calm as possible. Glen saw me begin to panic and he was able to keep me calm and thus avoiding a full blown panic attack.
• To my best guess there were +40 agents from multiple government agencies present. It was extremely intimidating! We each had to give our full name, address, date of birth, social security number and if relevant our work information. The FBI and DEA agents went through the office and each exam room like they were raiding a crack house.
• An FBI agent told me to follow him. We walked into an exam room followed by a DEA agent. I sat on the exam table, DEA agent sat at the small desk while the FBI agent stood in front of the only door to the room. I felt boxed in. I was asked approximately 6-7 typed pages of predetermined questions. I have very poor memory recall due to the fibromyalgia, brain fog and at that point increased anxiety. I answer their questions the best to my ability and informing them both I have had 2 small strokes and my memory wasn’t the best. I also let them know that my husband was out in the lobby and I asked if he could come in the room and help fill in the missing pieces of memory information they needed. I mentioned that on 3 separate occasions and I was told “no” and that I was “ answering the questions just fine.” I no concept of time and my best guess the 3 of us were in the small exam room for about an hour.
• Later I found out that the interview I had just finished was voluntary. At no time was I informed that I didn’t have to go with them and answer all of those questions. It was presented to me as mandatory that I follow them and answer their questions while the FBI agent standing with his back against the door. Yes I felt trapped and intimated. In found out that every patient chart was removed from the office. My private medical history was taken without my consent or prior knowledge. The results of my bone density scan is in my chart. Dr. Moon has not reviewed the results or gone over it with me. My latest blood work and test results are now gone. Yes I do feel my right to privacy have been violated. I do not have any idea as to who is looking at my private records or personal information.
• Having the agents burst into the exam room where we were with their automatic rifles pointed at me has caused my anxiety level to remain high. I have an increased difficulty falling and staying asleep. My prescription medication for sleep does very little to help. The bursting into the exam room so heavily armed and traumatizing me replays over in my head.
This was completely unnecessary. Dr. Moon follows the guidelines and gives me as well as his other patients no choice but to follow the rules. I appreciate the way he looks for the cause of the pain, attempts to remedy the root cause via tests and referrals to other doctors when needed while trying to keep my pain at a tolerable level. I truly believe he has my best interest in mind with every visit. I trust him completely and yes I have referred him to others and I will continue to do so.

Thank you for your time.

When reading this… mental images of  gestapo tactics that I have heard about under Hitler’s dominance of Germany and other parts of Europe that he attempted to conquer.  I would hope that all of the S.W.A.T. theatrics, those police officers had their guns on locked and just using the red laser target lights were just for EFFECT…  “scare the shit out of people in the waiting room effect”  

I am not an attorney, but as was stated in the article all of the theatrics was totally just that – THEATRICS – and the pt did not have to conform with what was going and and being demanded.

I have seen some attorneys who have legally challenged law enforcement when they are “playing games” … all you have to ask is “Am I being detained ?” That is a simple YES/NO question… if they don’t say YES… then you politely tell them that “we are thru here and I am leaving”

If they say YES… ask them what they are charging you with and that you need to talk to your attorney … and don’t say another word or do anything that they request.


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  1. Not only drugs. Not he is in possession and has been accused of PRODUCING child pornography. What a sick f*ck

    • Yep… Isn’t it amazing how after the federal government raided him and found nothing allowing them to charge him with a crime related to the raid they suddenly plucked these pornography charges out of thin air? From what I understand, what they have charged him with is the result of old home security footage that was being stored in his office space. It just goes to show that if the government wants you, they will find a way to get you. Where does this leave his patients? I assure you that my trust in my doctor far surpasses my trust in federal authorities. My guess is that these charges will eventually be thrown out but his practice and reputation have been irreparably damaged which was their intent from the beginning.

  2. Welcome to the drug war

  3. The insurance companies want those who are suffering tremendously from chronic pain disease so instead of treating them for pain, the DEA has sided with the offshore health insurance companies to “OFFER ASSISTED SUICIDE INSTEAD OF OFFERING PAIN MEDICATION RELIEF””( let’s see who stands to benefit;
    1) Insurance Companies- “suicide will automatically disqualify you for life insurance !!!
    2) pharmaceutical companies who can use more people for experimental drugs and procedures to by-pass the CDC’s strict “code” enforcement !!
    3) If you’re on medi-cal you have to pay back all your medical procedures and thereby losing your estate to the state of California. The future of your children’s lives been stolen and ruined by way of “Obama care”.
    4) The DEA has made a pact with the drug cartels to get rid of their competition by dumping heroin into the “Sanctuary Cities” where you can get “free syringes” and this includes a nice secure place to shoot up your heroin, in San Francisco.
    5) The CALIFORNIA LEGISLATORS is sooo “cut throat” that “they have made it mandatory to arrest at least one American to be jailed for any disagreements. I was having a petite mall seizure and woke up in a jail cell.
    I spent a year spending court fees and court appearances, and attorneys fees.
    6) It wasn’t the cops, lawyers, or judges fault, “The corruption goes up to the “California cartel legislators”!!!

  4. I think I have PTSD just from reading that account!! Seriously! Who do they think they are?? Yeah, yeah…I can hear the obligatory ‘Just doing their jobs’, but in all honesty, I dont know how they can even sleep at night, let alone look at themselves in the mirror! They raided a PCP’s office, who’s primary clients were middle to elderly aged patients…at some point, you have to take a personal inventory and decide where your morals are when you KNOW what you’re doing and literally taking pain meds from elderly, chronic pain patients (or any chronic pain patient for that matter), but especially elderly ones who are just trying to live what’s left of their life, out, with as little to no pain as possible! It’s despicable! Go after the real drug dealers who are STILL selling heroin and carfentanyl on the streets!! Make yourself useful if you actually want this “Illicit Drug Epidemic” to TRULY end!! The government has NO BUSINESS in our personal doctors offices! NONE WHATSOEVER!

  5. The thugs must go! Protest at dea offices o ly we can stop the gestapo!

  6. That’s just horrible. She must have PTSD from the treatment she received. She should sue them. They have no right questioning patients in that manner. This only goes to show that you must always exercise your right to remain silent and request that a attorney be provided if you cannot afford to pay for one. On a different note, I couldn’t help but wonder if she has adhesive arachnoiditits? Her symptoms sounds like she might

    • At the time I didn’t even think of asking about my rights. 40-50 uniformed officers from different agencies had my main focus. Yes it has mad my PTSD worse! Sleeping is difficult and yes my startle reflex is off the charts.

  7. The same thing happened to me when I was at the doctor on June 19th of 2017 after which the doctor dumped en masse all the people he knew were in pain so severe that 90 mme would never cover it, cold turkey and left me to die and die I almost did

  8. Do you know what happened to this doctor?

    They are theatrics, I’m so glad you added the part about rights, it’s easy to forget when you have a gun pointed at you.

    Also, we all know why they pointed at her husband, don’t we? Domination & intimidation. Theatrics in deed.
    I hate hearing these things. It’s so wrong.

    I hope, one day, everyone whose been harmed by this opioid hysteria, if they’re still alive, will receive compensation for what they’ve been put through.

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