Do you think that she is not a big fan of Obamacare ?

Congresswoman To Gruber: My Husband Died During Obamacare Enrollment Glitches

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  1. My heart broke hearing Congresswoman Lummis’ story, while she might not blame Obamacare for his death.(I watched much of this hearing just to see Gruber get slammed,)..I would certainly say it was a primary contributor because at the time he was told they werent covered he used THAT information to make the decision not to get the test which if he had it may have led to the correct diagnosis for treatment and he may not have died. How many other people made such decisions that led to harm in their health based on these ‘glitches’ that the government was so glib about and their news cohorts (read MSNBC) reported as ‘ Eh it’s really no big deal, everybody just keep trying, This is such a grand and wonderful thing” Well, apparently there were consequences, folks No Mr Gruber, I AM NOT STUPID, I saw right through your model from the beginning as the cost shifting ponzi scheme it is.

    • I refuse to believe that a coverage issue in necessary cardiac procedures was the sole reason his course of treatment failed to save him.

      Again, there is no Obamacare. The exchanges are mediums thru which people find private coverage. The enemy here is insurance industry.

      • The ACA actually requires that all preventative services (tests/treatments) that are approved or have strong scientific evidence must be covered by insurers at no cost to the member so it could have actually saved his life by requiring his ins to cover the test. She should blame whoever kept telling her they weren’t “enrolled” (i don’t understand that either because the ACA isn’t an insurance plan you enroll in) instead of blaming the law!

  2. Members of Congress and their staff must obtain their insurance thru the governement exchanges, they no longer get the Federal Blue Cross plan. However the President still does…Hypocrit…

  3. She seems like an idiot. There is no “enrolled in Obamacare.”

    The ACA provides helps and regulations to get on private insurance.
    And her husband wasn’t covered on her federal insurance? Unlikely.

    opportunist exploits memory of her husband, news at 11

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