Do various businesses mandating COVID-19 JAB to keep your job .. responsible for adverse reactions ?

This is a interesting “happening” in Denver.  This police officer has experienced some serious side effects after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 JAB to keep his job, even though this officer had already had and survived COVID-19 and had “natural antibodies”.  Apparently “SCIENCE”  does not apply in DENVER,  CO’s policies.  This attorney stated that he is also representing ELEVEN other people in the area over mandatory JABS.

Congress indemnified just about anyone involved with the creation and administration of these COVID-19 vaccines, apparently they did not indemnified various business entities from mandating people they had control over to have the JAB and if they experienced any serious adverse events.

Depending on how this lawsuit “shakes out” …could result in some positive things for the chronic pain community.

This lawsuit could come to the conclusion that if a bureaucracy is going to practice medicine and refuse to follow “THE SCIENCE” that they have some liability for the consequences or collateral damage.

Imagine a hospital/healthcare system, Insurance/PBM, Chain pharmacy …. implements some sort of adherence to the CDC GUIDELINES… and the chronic pain pt at the end of these edicts has some comorbidity complication… end up with a hypertensive crisis, stroke, death… or premature death or a number of other very serious complications and/or QOL degrading…  All listed in the chart below.

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