Did Doctors Overtreating With Opioids Cause the Overdose Crisis? A Soho Forum Debate


The above graphic is from PROP’s website and list those involved with this organization. I finally had the opportunity to watch this debate/video and it was between Dr. Fugh-Berman,MD a member of  PROP  Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing and a professor at Georgetown U Medical Center and Jeffrey Singer.MD a  practicing surgeon and part of  The American Council on Science and Health

According to the PROP website it is financially sponsored by Steve Rummler Hope Network

and the The American Council on Science and Health apparently is sponsored by contributions from the general public.

I don’t normally watch to such lengthy videos, but this one was diffidently  was worth my time.

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  1. You are exactly right,, the people that are dying are the ones buying them on the street made with gently,, because the drs cut them off,, , what is someone supposed to do,, if they get cut,, buy them on the street,, it’s the drs making them do it,, Oxycodone will not kill anyone,, and the people that say they got addicted on one month worth,, your a liar,, can’t happen that quick,,if the don’t come from a pharmacy it 50/50 if it has fentyl in it,, your playing russian roulette,, Sever chronic pain patients should not have to play this unfair game,,, we can’t even walk,, SO WHY DO U KEEP MAKING US FIGHT TO KEEP,, WHAT WE ARE ENTITLED TOO,, I’m TIRED OF LAYING AROUND,, I’m TO YOUNG FOR THIS,, my LOWER SPINE DOWN MY LEFT LEG, I CAN ONLY WALK ABOUT 30 BEFORE THE PAIN GETS SO SEVERE,, THAT IVE BIT MOST OF MY BACK TEETH OUT,,, BECAUSE THATS HOW BAD THE PAIN IS,, Then I will HIT THE GROUND REALLY, MUSCLE SPASMS SO BAD AT NIGHT ALL NIGHT LONG,, I WILL SAY,, there’s not MANY PEOPLE THAT HAVE WALKED IN MY SHOES,, BUt I hope ALL THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE US SUFFER,,, GET IT KARMA

  2. Wow,,long one,,No,,,doctors did NOT cause any opiate so called crisis..Most of the people treated for a physically painful medical conditions are adults.If that adult chooses to divert or misuse their MEDICINES for anything, thats illegal, thus thee adult is breaking the law. Its on thee adult patient fault, not the Doctors. Doctors prescribe in good faith, all of us sign a consent forms, stating we will be responsible adults,and allowing are Doctors to treat us. Someone said to me recently,u know there is 1 % of the population that are addicts,,”’Yea no sh-t,,but there have been addictions for 3,000 years’, why now,,has it all of sudden been sooo a so-called epidemic issue??JMO,, for $$$$$,,,this whole cruel inhumane torture forced upon the medically ill,,has been for $$$$ for psychiatry. I said this in my comment to the cdc that was censorred.All of psychiatrys’ insane asylums were closed down by 2010.Thats meant 1000’s of shrinks out of job,or no more government $$$$$ coming in for shrinks. The DEA,, is getting kicked out of most of South America for human right violations ,ie sex parties with babies. Insurance companies are being told, they HAVE TO pay for pre-existers..No-one ever wants to go to court for pain and suffering lawsuits.Finally,we had 2 wars that finished up,2010,we had a lot of injured vets,that the V.A.. never wants to pay for..It was literally a perfect storm,to come after us and our doctors,,,for the $$$$$$…The Kolodny’s,,,saw a way to make everyone rich, off of the backs,tortureing of the weakest in society,,those who culdn’t fight back,literaly,the pre-existing,longterm MEDICALLY ill,,,that no-one ever wanted to pay for!!!!They really did institute thee agenda of ,”let em die off,” in agony as long as i don’t have to pay for it,,as demented,sickening as that is,,,it is the AGENDA OF THEIR PLAY BOOK.,like it or not.wHICH IS WHY THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO US,,IT IS AGENDA OVER TRUTH,,Thus why,,,we are ranked dead last in our healthcare over all other civilized countries..As the judge put it.”America’s ideation of a humane society,no torture,,does NOT LINE UP W/THE REST OF THE WORLDS’, Someone once said to me we can’t do nothing about this addiction,my reply was,,WHY NOT,, mind our own business,,Thee addicts have more medicine,more rights then the medically ill do ,,soo WHY NOT, leave thee addiction crap,,to thee addicts.There will always be addiction,forever,,,havent enough pain patients died in agony
    yet to finally realize,u give any government ageny the power we gave kolodny dea,,THEY WILL ABUSE IT, obviously,,As 1 doctors said long ago,it really is/was a bunch of purse clutching control freaks,prohibitionist,who gave the dea,kolodny the ammo aainst us.U claim,”pill mills,”thats ammo.U claim well so so get to much,,thats ammo,,and neither are confirmed true!.Anyone who can sit her and still say,,well only back patients should get this much,cancer this much,ms.this much,,,or there MRI showed nothing wrong,or the x-ray was fine type people,,,,if u can’t see the damage your need for controlling others has done,,u never will.It should always of stay’d between u and your doctors,,,not the nurse down the hall,or who took your blood pressure that day.Not the noisey nieghbor,or now a days,,the ,”trolls,” surfing the internet.Or recently i have seeen,”I have never had a ,”dirty,” ua,”’,,Well using the word dirty is disgusting,thus calling the person who has a FALSE positive a deeming negative connotation’s.I have had a couple of FALSE POSITIVES, confirmed by a gas spectro,does that mean someone has the right to tell me how much medicine i can’t have ,other then my doctors??but i see this crap all the time
    by pain patients as well as nurses..We have more dead now then we have ever had,,so all those sitting on this committee or that committee for $$$$ all they have done,,is killed more people,not helped ANYONE..Only the patient can physically feel that physical pain,,thus ONLY the patient w/a non- opiatephob doctor should decide how much.
    It was perfect storm that killed us and is still killing as,As Steve said,,now its become a CASH COW,,AND ONLY SERIOUS FORMAL CHARGES WILL END IT.CHARGES LIKE MANSLAUGHTER,MURDER,TORTURE,GENOCIDE,, on the people who did this to us,,ie klondyn,prop,dea,doj,cdc,hhs,nih,ondcp,,all should be formally charged,,,but KOLODNY ,PROP,DEA,, should face jail time,,,jmo,,maryw

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