“DEA practicing Medicine without a license requires a DEA Congressional Oversight Hearing”

“DEA practicing Medicine without a license requires a DEA Congressional Oversight Hearing”


The DEA is Practicing Medicine Without A License. Making decisions between Pain Management Doctors & their Patients when it comes to prescribing Opioid Pain Medicine due to the Addiction Crisis. Pain Patients are suffering & Committing Suicide and not permitted to make decisions in their own care. The OD rates of people with SUD due to Illicit Fentanyl is at a record high. This War On Drugs has been an UTTER FAILURE! DEA is cutting the manufacturing of Opioid Pain Medicine to dangerous levels causing Hospitals and Pharmacies to run out. We have to take action NOW before we reach the point of no return.

Why is this important?

Patients suffering with Chronic Intractable Pain are being forced to suffer and commit suicide due to untreated pain. People with SUD are Overdosing in enormous rates due to Illicit Drugs. Opioids DID NOT start the Addiction Crisis. The DEA is practicing Medicine WITHOUT A LICENSE!!! The DEA has NO business in the Dr./Patient setting. Pain Patients MUST BE HEARD

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  1. It is a joke what the DEA and CDC have done to pain management. Take them out of our healthcare!

  2. We are being pushed onto antidepressants, antiseizure meds, NSAIDS, Tylenol to name a few, when a timed release opioid eould work better without the side effects of head drugs because our doctors are being told what to do by people with less knowledge. Just get the DEA out of this mess!

  3. CDC and dea has no business being in a medical field .i didn’t know you all were doctors
    .Doctors need to be Doctors again .no Mme for are treatment .we are suffering by your hands .

  4. Those big pharm ‘settlements’ buy a lot of ‘pain’ relief.

  5. That’s a MoveOn.org petition. That’s a George Soros entity. The LAST thing he wants is for people to be happy. Look him up. Not a good man.

  6. Not only is the dea violating cfr 42-1395,,they are POLICE-ING the practice of medicine,,also illegal,,,jmo,,they took kolodny/prop 1 definition of ,”chronic physical ”,,as kolodny stated,,
    ”there is no such thing as chronic pain,,only addicts,” They took a psychiatrist ,”business motta/ slogan,”and made it law,thus why other countries NEVER EVER allow psychiatry to make public policy,then police enforcement of those policy .WE have lost soooooooooooooooooo many good people,,great doctors,,to a rogue psychiatrist drunk on power,sanctioned by our government,,it IS ILLEGAL,,U know i was watchen c-span thee other nite,on 1 of those sleepless nites all physical pain folk’s go thru,and i heard this 1 women commentatore state,”well can we sanction/guideline the hell out of russia to essentailly cage him in to stop all this,”.Well gee,,her methodology sure sounding exactly like what they did to us and our doctors,,,there might not be 4 wall of the NEW PENNHURSTS,, but they have essential made walls against the use of thee essential medicine opiates for the medically ill in physical pain and all thjose doctors who choose humane care over torture,,,jmo,maryw.,

  7. Gov in Medicine. We already knew it was wrong. Why do we not remember what has been said?

  8. Stop the madness, get the dea and cdc out of our doctor patient relationships, chronic pain patients are suffering! Many are committing suicide, due to the ridiculous 2016 cdc guidelines! Scrap the ridiculous 90mme limit! We are suffering in pain, every second, every minute every day! Chronic pain patients need their lives back!!! Let our doctors prescribe and treat us as only they no how!!

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