Daughter of former Walgreens Store Manager that Committed Suicide in the Stock Room Speaks Out!

Walgreens At Oakton & River Closed For Death Investigation

Walgreens At Oakton & River Closed For Death Investigation

The Walgreens store at Oakton Street and River Road in Des Plaines will be closed for the remainder of today (Wednesday) due to a death investigation. 

According to Phil Caruso, senior manager of issues management for Walgreens, there was no criminal activity or security risk at the store. He said the other Des Plaines Walgreens location at Miner Street and Graceland Avenue remains open for regular hours.

As of 10:14 a.m., Des Plaines police squad cars blocked the store’s parking lot. At least two customers were denied entry into the building before Des Plaines Fire Dept. crews arrived at 10:27 a.m. A representative from the Office of the Cook County Medical Examiner was also at the scene.

Fire crews left at around 10:41 a.m. after bringing ladder equipment in and out of the building. 

A police department representative at the scene said no information was available as the incident was still under investigation. Police later confirmed the death was a suicide.

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  1. Steve, if there is any way to pass on a message to this angel Girl, tell he I think of her and her Dad EVERY DAY. I send me deep love and sadness. I was a Walgreens full time plus employee for 17 years (RPH). I loved my job and gave it all my heart. Until it had sucked all my esteem out of me and made me feel like a total failure. Every word of your Dad’s story resonates deeply with me. What your Dad faced was degradation and psychological manipulation not unlike the 3rd Reich in German history !. My supervisor was happy with me until my RXM returned from maternity leave, then my terrible work evaluation almost destroyed me and put me on probation. I will be connected with you always in sisterhood. Love from Mary: Marycricket74@gmail.com. Please contact me if you every need a thing ! With love.

  2. WOW. I can’t even imagine how horrible it can get with these big, non-caring companies.

  3. An obvious statement.

  4. The “bottom line”, i.e. $$$$ are costing lives!
    I understand completely.
    MY Father took his life because of neuropathy concentrated in his feet.
    I have never known a “warrior” like my “Dad”.
    He was “tough’, never knew “quit” as a home builder until, he could no longer bear the pain that COULD HAVE been managed, easily, successfully, effectively.
    Pressure, anxiety, the “bottom line” is an issue.
    So sorry for this man that was dedicated to his profession at “Walgreens”..

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