CVS Robberies: Some suspects caught, some still operating at pharmacies

CVS Robberies: Some suspects caught, some still operating at pharmacies

If you need prescriptions filled and CVS is the pharmacy you normally use, you might want to re-think that after a rash of robberies have plagued the retail chain and some of the thieves are armed and dangerous–and still operating, like the one who held up the Hendersonville, N.C. store located at 2001 Spartanburg Highway at 8 p.m. on Wednesday night, according to this April 16 report from Blue Ridge Now.

While the Hendersonville suspect has been described as a tall black male who was wearing a wig and glasses, as well as light blue pants, a blue hooded sweatshirt and lime green shoes (he ought to be easy to spot), different descriptions have been given for the other pharmacy robberies, including one description of a female suspect. However, all the robberies seem to have one agenda: to take money and drugs. And it appears from the recent capture of one of the men being sought that they don’t mind shooting at officers if they try to stop them, at least that was the case with Kevlone Charleston, 36, of Austell, who was shot by police after he fired at them and attempted to flee apprehension, according to this CBS News report.

Charleston is the suspect in 32 CVS robberies in and around the Atlanta area, but he may not have been the person to rob other stores by the national retailer in the state, like the one robbed in Dawsonville, Georgia back in February of this year. And still other robberies are occurring at CVS stores elsewhere, outside of Georgia, like the one in Indianapolis, Indiana, where a 14-year-old teen is the suspect in three such robberies. In that case, police say he specifically asked for narcotics by handing the sales clerk a note, letting them know they were being robbed.

With drug use in the nation at an all-time high, and the economy continuing to lag in the recovery phase, it appears that drug users (or dealers) are seeking to replenish their supply (or meet their addiction needs) by stealing from the legitimate drug sources in the area, like CVS Pharmacy. And those who shop at these retail establishments are at greater risk now as a result, making the public outcry for apprehension that much more passionate. And the FBI, at least in the state of Georgia, are obliging, working with local law enforcement agencies where the crimes occurred to track down the suspects and bring them to justice, just like they did Kevlone Charleston, who injured three officers during his recent efforts to elude capture. Charleston is currently hospitalized from a gunshot wound he received while fleeing police apprehension.


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  1. Sorry, but drug use in this country is NOT at an all-time high, the media just makes it look that way. And you can blame these robberies on the DEA for its war against pain patients and their doctors.

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