CVS: reducing more man hours in their Rx depts ?

If you patronize a CVS pharmacy and already believe that their Rx dept staff is understaffed and overworked  this appears to be a chart of MORE REDUCED MAN HOURS in their Rx depts.

Common sense suggests that when a staff is already over worked and understaffed and total man hours are reduced… in the pharmacy depts… that generally means two things… pts will typically have much longer wait times to get their prescriptions filled and the staff will most probably make more errors in filling prescriptions

You might want to ask yourself…. is it time to fine a new pharmacy ?

Here is a link to find a independent pharmacy by zip code

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  1. Just one more example of profit driven healthcare, increasing corporate profits while endangering our health. At CVS most employees make minimum wage, and pharmacists with all of their education and knowledge, are just too expensive. We see this across healthcare, physician replaced with NPs or “care coordinators,” and psychologists or psychiatrists replaced by various un credentialed “community health workers.” At least some of this works 90% of the time the other 10% are unfortunate casualties.

    The For Profit health industry is run by Libertarian Technocrats. At CVS the computer can tell the customer, about drug interactions and side effects, We can bet that no independent research has been done on the disastrous effects. CVS most certainly did research on the profits that this could generate, just like they did when they researched how much money they could make selling cheap rot gut alcohol, and shelf stable food. Both of these products are killing people and destroying lives around them but they are profitable.

    CVS chooses to open stores in food deserts where seniors and people on Medicare, have limited “choices.” Many in these undeserved and unhealthy neighborhoods have limited energy and transportation,and end up buying “groceries” at CVS. Shelf stable processed food are highly profitable and contributing to bad health. This is a good corporate business model, especially when they drive out competitors, like local pharmacies and grocery stores. People who live one cheap processed food, need more drugs to deal with their high blood pressure, diabetes and poor health. This is a profitable win for CVS.

    The problem is that we all pay for it, we subsidize the profits at CVS and the other big chains. Medicare and Medicaid and insurance pay for the bad health, pharmacy mistakes, the regulatory capture, and high drug prices. A Single Payer healthcare system, could fix all of this. Medicare for All would save so many lives and so much money, once people become aware that they are already paying for it all.

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