CVS: a dangerous environment where for customer safety is concerned

I work for the 3 letter chain. At the beginning of the covid chaos, in March, when the travel bans and restrictions began, we didn’t have any ppe available. I worked alongside several sick employees, 2 of whom tested positive, and they ended up on loa. we work in close quarters, sharing phones, computer keyboards, everything. none of the other employees were made aware by our management team that we were exposed, or offered a quarantine period. then in April, we were provided with some masks, and gloves, and flimsy plexiglass barriers. the company sent some chlorox wipes and told us to clean every work station hourly. During that time, another employee fell ill. I had lunch with her, and was placed on a mandatory 14 day quarantine. (i still haven’t seen my pay for that tine out). at THAT time our DL told us, although she wouldn’t do it, employees can come in to work if they are positive, because we have ppe now…. [WHAT?!?!] Our DL never closed the pharmacy for a thorough cleaning. She had a delayed opening one day and had some cleaning people come in an wave a steam wand around. The employees working that day protested, and refused to open the in store service area, and would only deal with customers at the drive thru. they never pulled from the waiting bin any of the prescriptions that were touched by the sick employees. It’s been a total shit show. We now are pushing the flu shot, and that is the company’s first and foremost priority now. we are down employees, they cut hours, we are 28 pages in the red, and it’s a dangerous environment where for customer safety is concerned. Retail pharmacy is evil. If you choose to share this, please keep me anonymous.



When you see the THREE LETTER CHAIN MENTIONED — they are referring to CVS HEALTH… People should not get FLU SHOTS until Oct… Why do you think that you have to get a flu shot every year?  It is because the antibodies are PASSIVE… they  ( blood titter) will fade over times.  If you get your flu shots in July- Aug – Sept… flu season isn’t until Nov thru March…  The CDC recommends that everyone get a flu shot by the end of Oct and since you are looking at TWO WEEKS for the flu shot to be able to build up immunity.  Any entity that is promoting getting flu shots before Oct.. is just interested in the money/profits that they can generate… the pt’s health is somewhere down their line of their priorities

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