Could the war on pain pts be considered DOMESTIC TERRORISM ?

Effort to fight opioid abuse is too fragmented

It is clear that mass hysteria about the opioid crisis in America has occurred because there is an overwhelming lack of knowledge about the facts and myths surrounding opioid abuse and addiction that delays the implementation of a cohesive plan to address this crisis.

 There is no coordinated effort among interested parties, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff, clinical staff, pain management physicians/clinicians, inpatient, outpatient and retail pharmacy staff, administrative and pharmaceutical company staff to do a comprehensive professional literature search, reach consensus about their findings and develop a joint national plan, based on rigorous scientific research, to address this crisis.

As a result, fragmented actions are being implemented by interested parties without a clear understanding of the opioid epidemic and that a joint effort must be taken to resolve this crisis. For example, CVS Health recently issued a news release indicating that it was going to limit opioid prescriptions to seven days, perhaps not fully understanding the ramifications such action would have for patients, especially for those with chronic pain. In addition, their impulsive action begs the question as to whether or not they have appropriate licensure, such as physicians, to limit opioid prescriptions to seven days.


It would be a grave injustice and inhumane treatment of patients who have legitimate pain and who really need opioid medications, especially if they are experiencing chronic pain. Without adequate pain medication, these patients may suffer horrific and unrelenting pain for unacceptable, unreasonable and lengthy periods of time, that may ultimately persuade them that death is better than suffering severe pain while living. It would be such a shameful legacy for patient care and for the clinicians who strive to provide high-quality patient care.

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  1. To who ever it concerns thank you so much. please feel free to publicly post and use this my story and grief of this horrible malady and the the Hell the now uninformed Public and some of the Media are putting us legitimate Chronic Pain Sufferers through! It is no more than local emotional Abuse ( and border line Domestic Emotional Terrorism )!on a scale with only Biblical proportions!To the Editor and Associates I have taken this opportunity to share my heartbreaking story in hopes these witch hunting Opiate ill informed skeptics will read and understand that we as Millions Of Legitimate Chronic Pain Sufferers would have no life without Medically prescribed Opiates by a physicians care and strictly monitored monthly urine and blood test. Please remember that An Opinion Before A Thorough Investigation Is The Epitome Of Ignorance! And that a little more compassion from the Medical Field and its representatives could have saved my beautiful Stepdaughters life. Let me say this! A person who has a addictive personality will abuse anything that helps them feel better. I have taken Oxycontin for 12 years , I have had 20 major surgery’s in 9 years. I have so much physical pain I can not even get out of bed with out pain meds and when I run out I run out and just lay in bed praying the Lord relieve me of this horrible condition and I pray God you pain med skeptics never go through what I go through everyday of my life when the only thing you have to do is threaten what help I get, Shame on them! There will always be drug abuse and as the so called war on drugs has failed all this will! All you do is stoke and aid the drug pushers business to knew heights in the Black Market of Heroin while trying to deprive folks as me to this horrible movement! My Stepdaughter committed suicide 4 years ago because of being treated like a drug addict by her family and doctors when all along she suffered from Lupus and Fibromyalgia which I believe was brought on by a deadly car crash at 18 , she told me between that which I was being put through and what they were putting her through she was not going to be able to live her life in such a hell brought on by people like the Biased Uniformed Skeptics that are on a witch hunt to out law Opiates and pain meds that give us some sort of a life . As a retired Police officer and worked indirectly close to the DEA, you people do not have a clue how thrilled you are making the illegal opiate trade and think of my Late Stepdaughter as you continue on with this 2017 Version of the ( 1940s Propaganda Film named REEFER MADNESS )movement to outlaw opiates! Just like the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook if there would have just been gun laws , my God they were Gun Laws , the guns that murdered all those 20 children were all registered and owned by a school teacher! You fight Drug Addiction in Elementary education by teaching all children the dangers of Booze and Tobacco which if these witch hunters want for us to know the real truth but they do not. I miss my Stepdaughter so much and some of us will continue on the fight to protect our right to feel better and function without fear of these witch hunters trying to convince us to commit suicide . And they are trying to do exactly THAT and are now being successful in this under the table practice of Human Genocide!
    The under line real truth it seems THESE witch hunters would rather us Chronic Pain sufferers commit suicide are and DRINK all the BOOZE we can drink! The Federals legalized it ( ALCOHOL) knowing its a more deadly drug than Strychnine. And just because the DEA has miserably failed with their witch hunt type movement on drugs why do they continuous fully deprive us sick people of our Constitutional Rights to be Happy in that pursuit of with Professional Physicians to take meds that give us relief of this horrible malady of Chronic Pain ! May God have mercy on their miserable souls they that seek to destroy us Chronic Pain Sufferers only and little hope of temporary relief of this horrible sickness.

  2. Yes,,,if tyranny,,abuse of power,abuse of thee public torture,murder and genocide are illegal,,,YES,,,DENIAL OF EFFECTIVE MEDICAL CARE THAT CAUSES SEVERE PHYSICAL PAIN,,, is yes indeed domestic terrorism,,,maryw

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