Complaint: #CVS dispensed wrong medication to customer

Complaint: CVS dispensed wrong medication to customer

MARSHALL – A Cass County man is suing CVS for giving him the wrong medication, per recent Marshall federal court records.

In a lawsuit filed Mar. 30, Atlanta resident Gerald Hobson says that he was supposed to get his prescription of Digoxin from the defendant, but a pharmacy employee neglected to follow the ordering physician’s instructions.


Hobson was allegedly dispensed 23 Ambien instead of the Digoxin.

“Shortly after taking what he thought was his Digoxin medication and while operating his vehicle, the Ambien began to effect his cognitive abilities which resulted in Plaintiff having two motor vehicle accidents within a short time period of each other,” court documents assert.

They add that the plaintiff sustained permanent injuries in the accidents.

Consequently, he seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Reid Wm. Martin of the law firm Martin Walker in Tyler is representing Hobson.

Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas Case No. 2:17-CV-0248

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