Color me skeptical

This is the results of a follow up survey of RPH’s in Oregon that was originally done in 2011…

I have perused the data.. and it seems strange that the survey in 2011 was pretty damning to the work environment of your “garden variety” community chain pharmacy.

In this survey there seems to be a sizable shift – to the positive – in the RPH’s in this survey..

I remember earlier in the year a anonymous comment by a RPH.. who claimed that the chain that his RPH worked for… was “sending the word out” that they did not want their RPH’s to participate .. if the survey was repeated..

Since there was a larger number of participants in this survey than the previous one.. could these RPH’s considered themselves between a rock and a hard place.. and.. instead of not participating in the survey… many decided to put more “positives” on the survey.

From all the RPH’s that I communicate with across the country… I find it hard to believe that the state of Oregon is a “island” of improved work environment in chain pharmacies over the last two years..

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  1. I also think the numbers are strangely positive. If you can call %52 percent satisfaction positive that is. Could it be that Oregon’s hard line stance in 2011 had positive effects? This seemed well done and very professional.

  2. One thing I’ve noticed in Oregon is Walgreens now closes for lunch when before they did not.

  3. Unless they either answered the survey from work computer, or the had to put name on it, wonder how employer who told them not to answer would know what rph answered It. I usually dont put any work email address on stuff, gets sent to one of my personal emails or I would have written down the link and done it off home computer using a different email.

    • Have you ever sent management or corporate a email from your personal computer? How do you know that they are not keeping the MAC address of your home computer and/or any computer that you send a email to anyone within the corporate domain and linking it to your email. If they are doing this.. unless you get a new computer or use a public computer… you could be screwed.. no matter what email address you use. How do you know that there are not LAT/LONGS buried in a email.. I have seen them buried in pictures… as to where the pic was taken.
      IMO. just the fear/paranoia of someone from corporate finding out.. would be enough to cause some/many to play it safe and give more positive reviews.

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