Chronic pain patients and virtually anybody can copy this letter and use it to send to their legislators

Chronic pain patients and virtually anybody can copy this letter and use it to send to their legislators.  

Dear Congressman,


I am a chronic pain patient as well as an associate of the patient/doctor advocacy group Doctors (and patients) of Courage ( There are many people such as myself that are being denied proper pain treatment due to ignorance and misinformation about opioid pain management. Those of us who rely on opioid pain medications are being discriminated against. By preventing trained pain management professionals from doing their job, the government is forcing its own citizens to the street for self-medication, where they most probably will unknowingly receive illegal fentanyl laced pills. More and more suffering patients are forced off their medication and are committing suicide at alarming rates.

Since opioid prescriptions are declining, opioid-related deaths are rising rapidly each year. The government solution is not and will not fix the problem, it will only perpetrate it and more people will ultimately die. Most pain patients are not addicts. The opioids that are killing people and contributing to these horrific overdose deaths are not a result of pills diverted from pain management facilities, but are a result of illicit Fentanyl sold on the street. Arresting doctors and forcing people with severe intractable chronic pain to an early grave will not in any way stop the overdose rate from doubling the next few years.

Opioids are not the cause of addiction. Being dependent on a drug does not mean you are addicted.  Addiction is caused by toxicity and not by direct exposure to the drug. What does the body do with excess toxins? They have to be stored in the cells. That is genetically determined, and thus you get the genetic propensity to certain diseases. The fact that more people are not addicted that require pain medicines for their diseases actually proves that the medicine itself is not the cause.  Restricting opioids from patients with chronic pain has no effect on addiction rates. This is why even though prescriptions have declined deaths have risen and will continue to rise if this war isn’t stopped.

We need to make the DOJ accountable for not following Supreme Court decisions and committing professional misconduct convicting innocent people any way they can. Allowing innocent Americans suffering severe chronic pain to be denied relief will hurt our society. It will force countless of hard working Americans who could function and manage their condition with opioids into a life of misery. This opioid war does nothing to stop addiction. What this all means for those of us who suffer daily. Who will support these people who can no longer support themselves because they can no longer work, care for their kids? These are people who are now out of the workplace and confined to a bed because the pain is so great they can’t work. This so called solution will hurt our economy. SSI/SSDI claims will skyrocket and it will lead to the tax payers having to foot the bill and care for all these people who could have otherwise supported themselves with proper medical care and proper pain management. These laws do nothing to stop addiction. What these laws mean to people like myself. TOTAL DEVASTATION. Loss of job, home, children. I am now forced to live on government assistance. These policies are not good for America. We need to stop this now.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.


Linda Cheek

Teacher of The Seven Steps to Healing

Best Selling Author of Target: Pain Doc

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  1. Please really consider the contents and weigh the pros and cons of how this effects chronic pain sufferers

  2. The lines have been blurred between government and industry, and all of this was caused by corporate greed. The media and our politicians have been running a false narrative about pain and pain patients, because it was profitable. Industry insiders are in control at all of our federal agencies, leaving patients to fend for themselves.

    Who do you think they are going to listen to, their constituents or the well funded corporate lobbyists they take money from?


  4. I have sent several letters, to legislators, to the CDC, FDA, LOCAL
    Media. The FDA was the only one to respond. She actually apologized
    for everything all of us have been through than gave me another person
    To contact at the CDC. Never heard back from that person.

    Our so-called government doesn’t give a dam

    • The CDC or any government agency will not take responsibility. Doing that will mean they have to admit they falsely accused arrested and ruined the lives of many doctors who were helping patients. Where are the investigative reporters in uncovering the truth? Dr. Drew CELEBRITY REALITY ADDICTION SPECIALIST claims he knows nothing about the mass incarceration of doctors and deaths of patients suffering with extreme pain and withdrawal, due to not being able to access their medications and dying from heart failure. This is the truth. The numbers of deaths involving PERSCRIPTION MEDICATIONS have been exaggerated and used by politicians to further their agendas. POLITICAL OFFICE AND GREED. Billions of dollars that no person will see. Only line the pockets of bureaucrats funding for more studies that have already been done all while people are needlessly suffering and committing suicide.

      • The media/reporters believe the BS that they have passed on
        To the viewers. They all seem to forget that most CPP have been taking their prescriptions for several years, decades even,
        Yet, we never had a problem until the “ME Generation” got

        The “Me Generation” blames everyone else for their problems.
        Instead of informing the Doctors they had a problem w/the drug
        They continued to take them because they liked getting high but
        That became the Doctor’s fault for prescribing the drug, not their’s for continuing to take them. It’s always someone else’s
        Fault, not their’s.

        Where are all the lawyer’s, why aren’t there any class action
        Suits against the Doctor’s who are refusing to help or
        Treat Chronic Pain Patients?

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