Children with Severe Pain Go Untreated, Cause: CDC Guidelines, DEA Threats


Hopkinsville, Kentucky

By Andrew J Hohenthaner, CFO, APDF

January 18, 2022

Children with Severe Pain Go Untreated, Cause: CDC Guidelines, DEA Threats

Misinformation, Deception and Lies

After the CDC released its 2016 guidelines titled, ‘CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain’, the Trump Administration declared war on prescribed pain medicine by vowing to, “liberate the United States from the opioid abuse.” The administration considered both the drug addicted population and adults dependent on daily pain medications equally as drug abusers. This action devastated the lives of nearly 40 million people who reported living with high-impact pain. Patient advocacy groups since have fought back, trying the maintain some form of improved quality of living.

Riding the wave of anti-opioid sentiments, the DOJ has aggressively pursued medical providers nationwide by subjectively accusing them of overprescribing; often accusing doctors of being drug dealers in white coats. The mistreatment of medical providers has now reached a new low.

Silent War on Children 

The cruelest form of unintended consequences is the crackdown on facilities serving our precious children. The nation has over 2.1 million children suffering with chronic painful childhood diseases. Renowned children’s hospitals nationwide have all but banned using long term opioid therapy as a method for improving the quality of life for those aged 6-17 in severe constant pain.

David Jr., 10, recently succumbed to leukemia as a patient at the A.C. Green Cancer Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The oncologists fought diligently to win the battle against Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) but ultimately lost. In his 10 years of living, David was cancer-free for just four months.

He dreamed of going outside and throwing a ball around or riding a bike through his neighborhood. He just wanted to be a kid. Yet, he was forced to live a life of extreme misery. He was forced to live that way because CDC guidelines suggested he might become addicted to opioids. David Jr. had severe and untreated pain that was with him nearly every day of his short life. 

A Life Worth Living, Help from Advocacy Foundation

David’s parents contacted the American Pain and Disability Foundation to help advocate on David’s behalf. Working as a team, the assigned advocate was able to arrange an opioid therapy program that fit the needs of the patient, not the altruistic dogma of federal agencies. 

It was almost too late for David, but he was able to live his last months in less suffering with the pain finally under control. His mother, Deb, stated, “We are so appreciative of the advocate and all the folks at APDF for making David’s last days his most exciting.”

It should not be a crime for doctors and physician assistants to treat pain by any means they deem appropriate based on their clinical experience and knowledge.  Medical providers and cancer centers like the AC Green Cancer Center should not withhold pain treatment out of concern they will face the wrath of a DEA agent and the loss of their licenses to operate a medical practice. Primum non nocere.

The American Pain and Disability Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity staffed by volunteers and funded by donations only. If you know of a pain sufferer that has been denied appropriate care, contact APDF at or 833-554-PAIN(7246).

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  1. Praise God Your Foundation Steve is making Great Achievements! Shame on those who are trying to force suffering on the little ones. Shame, shame on them! Good Job American Pain and Disability Foundation!! You are making some head way, Unlike any of the other orgs. In fact I do not understand what those others are trying to do? Looks like a Big Fat Nothing. WHY aren’t they at least attempt to use US law against government? The government has broken its own laws. We need to enforce those on it. The Genocide law code fits this situation like a glove. Government doesnt care about health. This bs pandemic proves it. Not one word on how to strengthen immune system. Only pushing, coercing, threats and bribery for all to be apart of the experiment. Multiple shots, that have all proven to be ineffective. So whats in that garbage they want in our bodies do badly? Billionaires have made billions of dollars every single day from this agenda. Nothing good for the people has come out of it. Only the rich get richer. Oh guess I’m a conspiracy theorist, no I’m a critical thinker and question everything. Lol

  2. Everybody suffers. I feel really sad for children though. Just horrific. What a crap country they were born into, wasnt always like this.. It wasn’t like this until 2018 it all began. Jeff Sessions screwed FL patients and it spread to other states Heck the CDC guidelines didnt hit all until then.. When I was a young child back in the early 70’s I needed 4 permanent teeth pulled and oral surgery. I was given Tylenol 3 that put me sleep until the worst of it was over. A couple days. This evil government is torturing all of us meanwhile the border is hanging wide open for illegal drug cartels to come on in. Sorry but I believe its the agenda and Somebody in the government is making a Ton of money off this situation. They don’t care who dies or suffers long as they’re getting that almighty dollar. Plus it sure looks like they are trying to thin the herd. Nothing will change my mind. My hub says if I cant find decent care here, he’s taking us to out of the country. Looks like time to brush off that passport and get temporary residency south of the border somewhere, where the weather is always nice. Actually Portugal is rated number 1 for pain care by a doctor. Yes Doctors will prescribe in others countries. Thet dont have Bullshit drug crisisgoing on. Been talking to other expats for 2 years now. Communist United States doesnt like its citizens. If everyone isnt willing to fight harder for all of us here to have medical Freedom and ability to take care of bodies properly then time to go where other people do.

  3. Here all three of our hospital chains claim opiates do not work for chronic severe pain and make things worse via “hyperalgesia”.

  4. Completely agree!! You gotta love the DEA, AMA, and your elected officials!??!

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