CDC launches new forecasting center for infectious diseases

CDC launches new forecasting center for infectious diseases

A new U.S. government center aims to become the National Weather Service for infectious diseases — an early warning system to help guide the response to COVID-19 and future pandemics.

The new Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics launched Tuesday. Its leaders say predicting the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. has been hampered by data-collection problems.

In contrast, the United Kingdom uses regular population sampling with swab tests and blood draws to get a clearer picture of who’s been infected, said Marc Lipsitch, the new center’s science director. He said similar sampling should be considered in the U.S.

And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needs to have better access to data from state governments and hospitals, said Caitlin Rivers, the center’s associate director.

CDC has been granted temporary authority for COVID-19 data collection, but the agency broadly relies on voluntary reporting and complex data agreements with states, Rivers said.

The center is housed at CDC. Its initial $200 million in funding came from the 2021 coronavirus relief package. The center has awarded $21 million to academic institutions to develop modeling and forecasting methods.

It looks like the CDC is going to have to find a way around the 14th Amendment – you know that pesky “unreasonable search and seizure ”  A few years ago the then AG of Indiana, decided that he was going to have better control of the opiate crisis… and he FORCED the state licensing board to pass as an emergency rule making process …. the proposed regulation was NOT POSTED, NO COMMENT PERIOD… just made a NEW MANDATE…

That mandate was that anyone prescribed > 15 MME of a opiate on a daily basis – was to have their urine tested MONTHLY…  WELL… the ACLU took the Medical Licensing Board to COURT over violation of the 14 th Amendment… and I don’t remember if there was a actual trial, mediation or summary judgement. BUT the court told the Indiana Medical Licensing Board to immediately rescind that ILLEGAL regulation. That no bureaucracy can mandate a person to submit to any test without the pt’s consent…  so called “unreasonable search and seizure ” that the 14th Amendment protects.

It appears that the CDC also believes that they are more powerful than any judge… since a “Trump appointed judge”  did revoke the mask mandate that the Biden Administration put into affect and that is what the ABC video is all about

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  1. They are bought, and expanding, and coming to a town near you…

  2. Heaven help us. It won’t work here because in the UK they have socialized medicine, a one payer system so all labs can be tallied and counted with uniformity. Here in the US, we have too many fingers in the pie.

    Maybe the CDC sees the writing on the wall with regard to the agency’s viability and the best way to avoid being reduced or shut down is to make your empire bigger.

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