Another nail in the “availability” of healthcare from the system?

Today, I had to do my annual “drug test”… you would think that after several years… they wouldn’t waste their money anymore.  This test was done at a local “doctor in a box” office.. This particular facility is part of one of the two hospital systems in the area (~ 1.5 million pop) that controls […]

So you are having trouble finding a position

A decade or so back, we basically lost a year of graduates as the profession moved from a five year to a six year degree along with drug chains growing new stores dramatically. The shortage of Pharmacists was dramatic. Annual pay increases of two -three times CPI were being granted. Sign on bonuses started at […]

Here comes another program to fight drug abuse/diversion that won’t work !

the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) is a national database that officially starts in a lot of state this Jan 1st. In Indiana this program was pushed through the legislature by the Indiana Sheriff’s Assoc and the Indiana State Police. Neither the Indiana Board of Pharmacy nor the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance were involved in getting […]

There may some hope in diagnosing chronic pain

Working on a test to measure pain 🙂 …..

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