So you are having trouble finding a position

A decade or so back, we basically lost a year of graduates as the profession moved from a five year to a six year degree along with drug chains growing new stores dramatically. The shortage of Pharmacists was dramatic. Annual pay increases of two -three times CPI were being granted. Sign on bonuses started at five figures and went up from there. That was then. Both the number of Pharmacy schools and the number of graduates per class have increased to that soon we will be producing nearly twice as many Pharmacists than a decade ago. Store grow – at least organic store growth – has dramatically slowed… for example, Walgreens that was typically 100 % organic growth, in 2010 Walgreens closed one store for every 5 that was opened/moved and nearly 50% of the added units were thru acquiring smaller players. “Buying doors” instead of “opening doors” doesn’t do much for increasing demand for Pharmacists.
Large metro areas and those areas close to Pharmacy schools seems to have somewhat tighter markets. Some corporate pharmacies seem to be taking the aggressive tactics of attempting to make Pharmacists work in some work environments that are prone to inducing med errors and actually doing long term physical and mental harm to their staff.

So…where do you turn… moving is not a easy answer.. unless you are currently renting and not owning a home.
* You can set up auto alerts at websites like

You need to start promoting yourself.. just filling out forms and sending out resumes that are scanned by programs looking for some ambiguous “key words” to make your resume to get kicked out as possible candidate.

* start contacting temp services… and get signed up … you may have to “piece together” your a work schedule

* contact your state pharmacy association and/or if there is a independent group in your state.. they might have a referral process for RPh’s needing relief work.

* If you live on bordering states, if you don’t have a license in both states, get a license in adjoining states.. will increase your opportunities for temp work.

* get a mailing list for the independent pharmacies in a geographically area that you could do a daily commute to work.. even as a temp. Do a mailing offering your services as a temp RPh.

* establish a Goggle calendar… for temp services to check your availability.. and you keep track of where you are suppose to be. These calendars can easily be synced with most smart phones.. a change via either your smart phone or on a computer makes them available real time on line.

* Physician practices … are going to need us.. especially GP/FP’s…they just don’t know it yet. They don’t realize how we can help them increase patient care… they are don’t want another high paid staff member… you may have to work “pro-bono” until you and their billing staff gets the logistics of the billing practice to generate revenue for the practice and you get paid.. you may have to work on a revenue sharing program…but it beats not working at all… as you get experience and a collaborative practice develops… both you and the practice will prosper.

The “good old days” of employers chasing after you is over… it is a new era… you are no longer the hunted .. you are now the hunter… you don’t hunt you don’t eat…

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  1. I never thought I would have to pursue a job. The only unemployed time in my life, was in the late 70’s when I moved from Kansas City to Springfield MO. I was looking for retail….all the women were in hospital.

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