Cardinal wholesaler encourages pt’s compliance to meds except maybe controls ?

Cardinal Health introduces 5 must-have adherence tools at RBC

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Above link is to the testimony of a VP of Cardinal Health at the June special committee meeting of the FL BOP , where it was admitted that Cardinal and the other two major drug wholesalers were indeed rationing controlled meds to community pharmacies.  Now they are coming out with a program to suppose to help pts be COMPLIANT with their medications…  It is highly unlikely that they are encouraging compliance of controlled meds for those pts  who have a medical necessity for such medications

LAS VEGAS — Cardinal Health on Tuesday announced the introduction of the Adherence Advantage program, which features an expanded suite of solutions designed to help retail pharmacies improve medication adherence.
“The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics estimates that implementing improvements in medication adherence could mitigate $105.4 billion in avoidable costs that are incurred each year due to medication non-compliance,” stated Myles Hoover, VP marketing and customer solutions at Cardinal Health. “We’re pleased to introduce this expanded suite of Adherence Advantage solutions, because we believe that retail pharmacists are ideally positioned to seize this opportunity to help patients better understand and adhere to their medications.”
Hoover noted that three of the five pharmacy-related Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Star Ratings measures for health plans are based on medication adherence.
“An important criterion for pharmacies to be included in health plan networks is the ability to drive medication adherence among their patients,” Hoover said. “This expanded suite of services helps us work seamlessly with community pharmacists to help them ensure patients are on the right medications, using them the right way and achieving the desired results.”
The Adherence Advantage suite of services includes five adherence-boosting tools:
  • Cardinal Health Repackaging Solutions: cost-efficient methods of repackaging prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for patients;
  • Consumer adherence products: help patients help themselves with medication reminders, tablets crushers and cutters, medicine spoons and droppers;
  • Dispill: a low-cost, multi-dose packaging solution that makes it easier for patients to adhere to their medication regimen;
  • Pharmacy Health Connect: a smartphone app that allows patients to easily refill prescriptions, set medication and refill reminders, as well as view current pharmacy news, events and messages; and
  • Reimbursement Consulting Services: The improved dashboard summarizes a pharmacy’s key reimbursement and patient care opportunities, including visibility of available Medication Therapy Management cases, which gives the pharmacist insight into patients who most need their assistance. In addition to MTM integration, the dashboard offers patient-level adherence reporting, so a pharmacist may improve their patients’ overall care, as well as performance on CMS Star Rating metrics.
In addition to the Adherence Advantage solutions, RBC attendees can learn more about the Deterra Drug Deactivation System that facilitates safe, proper disposal of prescription medications, and helps pharmacists prevent prescription drug misuse in their communities. The system deactivates prescription drugs, rendering them ineffective for misuse and allowing for safe disposal in a standard trash can. 
Cardinal Health’s inventory management technology, CIM, now makes it easier for retail pharmacies to participate in the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program by providing full visibility of all available 340B accumulated product in the pharmacy. It also allows users to place their 340B order directly from the application.
Also at RBC will be Cardinal’s Order Express app, designed to enhance mobile ordering, receiving and physical inventory in the pharmacy. And it is compatible with any smartphone or tablet, giving pharmacists’ freedom from leased hardware.
And RBC will feature many new front-end solutions in the Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy co-branded showcase, including the Retail Academy, which is a series of videos designed to help empower independent pharmacists to try new solutions, and take calculated risks.

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  1. “An important criterion for pharmacies to be included in health plan networks is the ability to drive medication adherence among their patients…”

    Drive adherence? Or push? Like drug pusher?

    The main reason patients don’t take their medications as prescribed is because they can’t afford to. They skip a day, cut doses in half. How will an adherence program fix that?

    Another reason is the side effects. Again, how will an adherence program fix that?

  2. Adherence equals continuous sales which equals more money for themselves. That’s what this is about. GREED. of course. They don’t really care about patients health.

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