Biden Signs Executive Order: Ensure that healthcare providers follow federal non-discrimination laws

Things are getting interesting with the Fed AG office and President Biden and his use of Executive Orders to impose his beliefs on states and trying to override and invalidate the SCOTUS recently ruling on the states have the authority to determine the issues around abortion.  It appear that AG Garland in trying to apply or enforce Biden’s Executive Order concerning the states’ rights to determine what is – or is not – allowed in their state in regards to abortion.

It would appear that the Biden’s EO and AG Garland is attempting to use Federal non-discriminating rules. The video below talks addresses the person experiencing harm for failure of a healthcare professional to provide appropriate care.  The paragraph below is from Biden’s EO. The chronic pain community has documentation that the failure of a prescriber to properly address a pt’s pain – resulting in under/untreated pain, can result in numerous complication of preexisting comorbidity issues and/or causing the pt to have new/additional comorbidity issues.

Could it be extrapolated that the existing CDC 2016 opiate dosing guidelines and the soon to be published 2022 CDC opiate dosing guidelines are violating the pt’s right to appropriate care ?  Could major healthcare corporations ( hospitals, insurance/PBM, chain pharmacies ) imposing some sort of limitation on what their policies and procedures that requires/forces their employees to force reduction and/or impose daily dosing limits.

The chart below elaborates on the health complications on pts because of under/untreated pain and the hyperlink below explains that the MME system has no science nor double blind studies supporting the appropriateness in pain management, especially for those pts suffering from chronic pain.

The Control Substance Act states that NO ONE can prescribe a controlled substances to a pt without doing a in person physical exam and one of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting/changing/stopping a pt’s therapy.  Could one come to the conclusion that all of these entities are both violating the Controlled Substance Act and practicing medicine without a license.

Should all those chronic pain pts who have their pain meds reduced, limited or stopped, begin to file complaints with the AG Garland’s office, for failure to comply with FED non-discrimination rules ?  While Biden’s EO is primarily dealing with the abortion issue…  his EO talks about providers not complying with non-discrimination rules.

Ensure that healthcare providers follow federal non-discrimination laws:

That could include helping providers who are unsure of their obligations now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade; meeting with providers to explain their obligations as well as the consequences of not complying with non-discrimination rules; and “issuing additional guidance or taking other appropriate action in response to any complaints or reports of non-compliance with federal non-discrimination laws.”

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  1. U know Mr Steve nails it again,The younger doctors who were taught opiates bad,have NO IDEA,the harmful effects of denial of effective care.I just sent my YOUNG primary,,the list of of the harmful effect of untreated physical pain.She had no idea,,Now i
    can confirm the harmful effects of forced reduction via kolodny policed public policies. I now have 8 blood clots in my legs,A recent test called a MRA was to be done to see where else i have blood clots,ie vision issue,severe thoracic back pain,,,i couldn’t even finish the test,due to cardiac arrhythmias during the deep breathing pictures,,A sign my HEART is not happy w/the 70 % reduction in my functioning since forced reductions.All of this has happen’d since the forced reduction in my medicines for the physical pain caused via a medical error of doing a complete thoracic lamectomy ,whilst in the middle of pancreatitis,undiagnosed at that time,Not even a ultra sound ever done till 4 years ago,,Even getting 16 cardiac ablation 20 years ago,,from undiagnosed pancreatitis,they are finally realizing/admitting the pancreas shares many of the same vein/artereies,nerves as the heart,thus the pancreatits was causing the arrhythmia’s,,,not my heart,,but they burned it anyways,,because they never even THOUGHT to look at the pancreas,,110 pound,5’7,,yea,,i believe because i was a women,.I am a chronic pain patient because of medical errors,,but now w/the forced reduction,it may literally kill me.All from a shrink drunk on power,thus the ,”why,” shrinks should NEVER be allowed to make public POLICED policies.The harm to society is tooo large,obviously.Our government should of NEVER sanctioned kolodny
    and his police forced/dea,,,,,they should of protected us,,,So now we have fight to fix this torturous mess,,,,upon the weakest in society..That should tell everyone what kolodny is,,since he went after the weakest in society,,for $$$$$$$$$,,,Billions of $$$$$ has been sent his way for this fake addiction crap,,Is costing society more $$$ not less,,Hopeful all his lies will be exposed and denial of care that is causing torture and death to the medically ill will end,,,but we have already lost a lot of great people because of him,,and if i had my medicine back,thus energy,,i would be nailen him already with the U.N for his denial of care,death and torture of the medically ill as a psychiatrist drunk on power,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. WELL the problem is not the federal government but the states who went wacko over guidelines.Meanwhile two Democrats have changed there laws to protect patient and doctor who treat intractable and severe chronic pain

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