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  1. Yes u can simply say NO. But then yes they can and usually will FIRE u from their practice for noncompliance or whatever they want to write in your super secret medical record…
    They are gonna cover their ass any way u slice it. And it’s a pain patients (a druggie/junkie/whatever they perceive is to be) word against the almighty Doctor’s word.

    • We, the CPPs [Chronic Pain Patients] and, the folks who care aboout them MUST change this! Sue a few and they’ll get the GD message! Epidurals aren’t even FDA approved and what training do they complete? I and a great many other folks have Tarlov Cyst Disease (TCD) and epidurals are one cause of it. I had spinals during child birth and suspect that’s how mine were acquired.TCD patints cannot have them.

    • And it’s ironic that it seems ONLY the chronic pain patients are the ones who are never allowed to say no to any treatment or suffer the above concequences….if a diabetic or someone with cancer or heart diesel turned down a treatment and wanted to seek another a opinion no one would say a word and there would be no blackballing of the patient’s chart as a doctor shopper

      • @boilerrph87 Blackballing…Yep, that’s exactly what the doc I had did to me when I fired him before he could fire me for not giving in to jis damned extorting the $ for Medicaid charges that our deadbeat state either would not pay or for uncovered testing that he made everyone in the clinic have including trying to force everyone to see his optometrist brother…good damned grief! @Steve, if ya know any lawyers, please send me their contact info cause if ya only knew folks! There’s just so so so much more but I ain’t got it in me to type it! 🙁 Suffice it to say, I think even the pharmaceutical co. might be liable cause their patient assistance peeps lied on a number of occassions AND they’re the ones who told me the State Medicaid folks told them I had “broke the state’s drug laws.” ORLY? I asked. HOW? That’s damned slanderous and that damned doctor purposefully kept me from getting a doctor after I fired him and he lied thru his teeth about me but then so did the state medicaid folks! OMG…it makes me so mad…I had to stop taking 80 mgs of oxy ER, 45 mgs of oxy IR 40 mgs of ritalin, 60 mgs of cymbalta, 450 mgs of lyrica, OVERNIGHT and to be frank, I feel I’m lucky to be alive tho I worried I wouldn’t make it…how do these bastards get away with this??? Because we are CPP our words aren’t worth a damn! It’s just despicable! ARGH! Rant over.

    • IMO.. this is another good example of a covert videoing of interaction with the prescriber… getting him/her to admit that the therapy is not working.. but.. going to continue… and/or if the pt wants any pain meds.. the therapy will continue…
      Medicare/Medicaid in particular is becoming more and more interested in fraud.. not sure what other insurance companies position they would take..

      • Are you saying they would considrer pusing the therapy in lieu of meds fraud? I thought you and I were in the same state Steve and if so, I reported to everybody what my previous doctor had done as in charging for office visits, recuping Medicaid payments from patients that the state owed, forcing everyone in the clinic to have a boatload of tests etc I’m talking EVERY AGENCY and ya know, they suspended his ability to write scripts and nothing else and I had been told by the prof reg and licensing I’d at least get my 3-4 years of records but NOPE! Did ya know, I filed a complaint with the damned OCR @HHS and they said they were gonna invetigate blah, blah, blah…came back months and months later and said they were gonna KEEP THEIR EYE ON HIM? How does that BS help me?? No records to date and instead, I have been treated like crap by the starte in what I feel is retaliation!

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