Another victim of the war on pts/drugs ?

from Shasta

It is with great sadness that I have to share with all of you that our good friend and fellow activist, Lisa Pray has passed on. I was asked to let everyone know.
Lisa was always such a fun person to talk with, had a wonderful spirit and cared so very much about our community. Even though she struggled with her health, she never stopped working to raise awareness. She loved making her videos on TikTok and many of us learned so much from her. Her quest for the truth and her joy for activism was a joy to be around. I always appreciated her for giving us all a voice in her room she created “The Painful Truth”. She stood by her friends and her passion really shined through.

I miss you Lisa Pray. I can’t believe that I will never hear your voice again. Thank you for always being such a good friend to me.


RIP Gravestone

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  1. RIP Lisa. Thank you for all your work

  2. What happened? Any COD Steve? Did her excess pain cause a heart attack? She was such a sweet delight

  3. Oh no!! This is truly sad….RIP Lisa, your presence and effort was such an inspiration…may you now be at peace …

  4. Oh no, not another person gone! Lisa was a marvelous, upbeat woman with a heart as big as the universe. RIP Lisa…

  5. I am so sorry to hear of Lisa’s passing. It’s a blow that has been dealt to the chronic pain community. She was an inspiration to me, being as her health was what it was, even still never having lost that fire and determination to make a positive difference for us all. She was a tough lady and she did not mince words, which is are just some of the things that I greatly admired about her. I hate that we have lost another asset, a friend to all of those that know and speak the truth. Such a terrible situation, no human being should be left to die in pain. Ever. My heart goes out to her family and all that loved and respected her. She will absolutely be missed.

  6. I spoke with her in the fakebook days. I helped her gather photos for her videos. She was so sick…

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