Another reason to DUMP THE CHAINS ?

Hi there I have a question I’m disabled I’m on disability I have disability Medicaid but Walgreens making me pay cash for my insurance I believe their discriminating against me they even made me change psychiatrist which I did last month I had him for ten years but I changed to local psychiatrist so they would fill my anxiety medication even though I had refill on it from my old one I didn’t transfer it but now this month they insist for me to pay cash for my prescription s from my chronic pain dr all 5 of them being on disability my income is challenging enough having to pay for my medication s is putting me in tough spot my insurance will pay for it but they said my dr is cash dr but there are no chronic pain drs that except my disability Medicaid is it illegal to pay for visit and use my insurance for prescription Walgreens is telling me it is I’m crying as I write this I’m so confused thank you for any help you can provide with this issue

There are some details missing from this email.. but.. WTF… a Pharmacist telling a pt that they have to change doctors… from one the pt has been seeing for TEN YEARS and then forcing the MEDICAID PT to PAY CASH for FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS ?

A person has Medicaid because they are POOR…

A person in such a situation should file a GRIEVANCE/complaint with  800-MEDICARE  against the Pharmacist and their employer

Then there is the boards of pharmacy here is a link to all the BOP’s websites where most/all have a complaint form

I would expect the local news media would be interested into looking into this situation… because if there is one pt that it has been done to.. there has is most likely more have had it done to them..

If you want to DUMP THE CHAINS… here is a link to a website that will help find a independent Pharmacy by zip code

Some Pharmacists consider themselves healthcare providers… others apparently see themselves as REVENUE GENERATORS for their employer without concern for the overall welfare of the pt.



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  1. What prevents this person with “disability” from changing pharmacies?

    • Money. sometimes opioids prescriptions from independent pharmacy are a little more expensive than a chain pharmacy . I’ve also heard some people claim their insurance forces them to use a chain pharmacy and won’t let them use an independent pharmacy.

      There’s also other issues like transportation, if the person doesn’t drive.

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