Another casualty of the war on drugs ?

Paige Stalker

Questions surround honor student’s death in Detroit

DETROIT (USATODAY) — At her prestigious, private school in Grosse Pointe Woods, Paige Stalker was known as a disciplined honor student and lacrosse player who aspired to be a doctor one day.

In her neighborhood, she was the popular babysitter who won kids over by taking them to Starbucks.

But on Monday night, her seemingly idyllic life ended tragically in a shooting on a rundown street on Detroit’s east side, which has many wondering: How did this all-A student from the exclusive University Liggett School end up dead, just three blocks west of her affluent suburb, and what were she and four other teens doing there?

That’s the mystery that police are trying to solve as they search for the gunman who fired up to 30 shots into a parked car that Paige and four other teens were sitting in, smoking pot.

Paige died. Three others were wounded. The bullets missed the fifth teen.



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  1. No drugs for kids, huh? Should we start with criminalizing sugar and caffeine? And then there’s aspirin and acetaminophen. Decongestants, antihistamines, and cough medicines. Pepto. I think antibiotics are considered drugs too. Nothing for pain during or after the removal of wisdom teeth? Break a bone, kids? Put some ice on it…

    Decades ago, when my nephew had open heart surgery, the doctors would only approve Tylenol for pain… and I still remember what my nephew’s face looked like while he suffered…

    Basically, Rk is saying that kids should just suffer. Because you never know when your kid will try a “gateway” drug. Unless…

    Kids should just stay away from drugs that relieve pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and ADHD… or any drugs that make them feel good. Or normal.

    • Nope never have i seen someone who goes out drinks a few drinks.and then the next days acts like an out of control crabby maniac who snaps at every little thing,cant sleep, until the next time they drink.only ppl who r hooked on pot.

      • It’s odd that you would use the word “crabby” to describe a maniac, but okay, fine, you had an ex-girlfriend who was hormonal and snapped at you unfairly…

        But I guess you’d have to see it from my side, as I’ve been “hooked” on prescription medications, so I know what that word means — and in only rare cases does it ever refer to cannabis use.

        On the other hand, I have a few alcoholics in my family tree, so I’m pretty familiar with mania of being “hooked” on alcohol, too.

        At this point, it looks like we’ll have to agree to disagree. But I don’t discriminate when it comes to drugs — whatever suits your fancy (and your beliefs) — go for it.


    • Kids shouldn’t drink alcohol, use tobacco products , have sex or drive recklessly…but THEY DO.. Only the “black market” that the FEDS have created thru prohibition… seems to be a potential denominator in way too many deaths

      • This is not a casualty of the war on drugs,even if that garbage was legal,just as alcohol is, that doesnt mean KIDs would be doing it in their homes.

    • Duh! But they do. I would much prefer my kids smoke some weed, to even alcohol. At least you still have some sense with pot!! The war on drugs is costing billions and having zero results. Except to hurt us legitimate pain patients. It’s been quite successful at that!

      • Not me ive seen what pot does to too many ppl and it is scary,people who lie n say you cant get addicted to it r the ones hooked on it unable to function normal without it. Act like maniacs without it ive never seen anyone who drinks once in a while behave like they do either. Id much prefer my child to have a few drinks then ever touch that garbage.

        • I’ve seen what pot can do for chronic pain and PTSD patients, and it’s not scary at all — it’s great.

          And if you’ve never seen someone who drinks and acts like a maniac, then you must be from Mars. Never seen a Hollywood movie?

          As a parent, we choose many decisions for our children that, perhaps, we shouldn’t.

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