Amazon announced at noon on 01/20/2021 that they will be happy to help distribute COVID-19 vaccine

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It was announced today that yesterday (01/20/2021) at abt 12 noon – 12 minutes after our new President was sworn in… that they would be willing/happy to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in our country. The same day Amazon also announced that they have BANNED ONE PRIVATE CITIZEN Donald Trump from their service

After Amazon – thru their Amazon Web Service (AWS) was going to “pull the plug” on a new competitor of Twitter called 

Basically “killing” a company that was worth a estimated ONE BILLION DOLLAR value. This was apparently done because both Face Book and Twitter terminated then President Trump’s accounts and many of his followers had opened accounts on Parler.

It has been reported that just about all ancillary internet services that Parler needed to function cancelled their service provided to Parler, supposedly including the law firm that they had engaged to work for the company.

While we do have a FIRST AMENDMENT and FREEDOM OF SPEECH but that only applies to our government restricting speech, but we do have a law Sherman Antitrust Act that makes collusion to harm another business – ILLEGAL.   So far, the DOJ that is in charge of enforcing that law seems to be AWOL.  Of course, it has been reported that 90% of all the political donation for the 2020 election went to the Biden campaign.  You can do the math and come to your own conclusion.

I don’t like businesses that will conclude against other businesses..  especially when a handful or two “gang up” on a particular business…  Those “little boys” in Silicon Valley are nothing more than “school yard bullies”.

Personally, I have cancelled our Amazon Prime account… we are exploring our options with Target and Walmart.  One very enlightening situation, we have a 95 y/o neighbor and Barb had been ordering some things she need thru our Amazon account.  So she order one product thru – same product, same size, same free delivery and it was SIX DOLLARS LESS than what she was being charged via Amazon Prime.

The more troublesome question is how many more people could have received their COVID-19 vaccination if Amazon had stepped up a month ago to help distribution ?  I suspect that no one will hold Amazon responsible.

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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. Withholding care from
    americans based on a political complaint should be the subject of congressional investigations and antitrust laws and discrimination. These big companies need to be broken up by the government. Unelected sources of power are controlling American Health and freedom. This is not good. They are on the wrong side of history.

  2. Regardless of your political views, what President you have supported or will; withholding your aide that has the potential to save thousands of lives to satisfy for hatred for “One Man” is beyond comprehension. Just like the Governors who have suddenly decided opening their economy is the way to go, the blood on their hands has permanently stained. Shows they care not for their fellow man, they never did.

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