Isn’t there someone in Rhode Island that professes to be a strong advocate for chronic pain pts ?  I know when people reach out to me, I try to get back with them the same day and no later than the next day. I have been watching the TV show YELLOWSTONE and they have a phrase they use that may be appropriate here ” “they” must be ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE”  To make sure that I was correct about the definition.  I found this on the web  to have or cultivate a particular image or reputation which has no basis in reality

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  1. I heard something also from that show,,,,”Since when has the law,equalled justice,”’,,,maryw

  2. Is this a gossip column or a blog? I wonder if there are just so many patients that need help that one person (or even a few) can’t always get to ppl as soon as they’d like to. Let’s also keep in mind that most of the advocates are chronic illness patients, too. (Including “the one in Rhode Island). I used to respect you, Steve, but tbh, this backbiting makes fools of the whole community.

    • Carrie… thank you for making your FIRST COMMENT ON MY BLOG…
      Since I like to share … here is another comment from someone that read this post
      Yeah she stopped responding to me as well, and I’ve heard the same thing from other people as well. She says she gets thousands of messages a day though.
      sorry I lost your respect…

      • Its disgusting what the CDC and politicians have done to pain care in our country. Its evil and cruel. The Good Lord provided the plant to relieve human suffering and this Damned Government Demonizes It! There ahould be Outage. What will this demonic government do next? Geo engineer, Genetically modify the plant to where its useless using lies. The Fight must continue to defeat this Evil. I hope the boy has got real pain meds by now.

        • Just a tid bit of info on natures plant,Agree there is a reason OUR bodies have opiate receptore,cannibis receptors,,”he,”
          did not intend on us suffering till death,,But the dea ripped out Thomas Jeffersons flower garden because there WERE species of poppie flowers in his garden that in Thomas’s time worked well for physical pain,,yea DEA ripped apart a founding father garden,,,for a flower derived since the dawn of humans,,our government is no longer guided by self evident reasonable truth/mind’s,,a elite corrupt few,,drunk on power, from $$$,jmo,,maryw

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