ACLU supporting illegal immigrants while ignoring the inhuman treatment and discrimination of our handicapped/disabled citizens ?

Three years of the Trump administration, Steve.
We told President Trump that if he acted on any of us his unconstitutional campaign promises, we would see him in court.

And we did – filing 140 lawsuits and 100+ other legal actions. We’ve won many of them, but the fight is ongoing.

In fact, next year may be the toughest yet. Trump is doubling down on his agenda, abusing power, and behaving more erratically in hopes of winning reelection.
But what we’ve accomplished together in these three years gives me hope. Here are just a few reasons why:
• Separating families seeking asylum is perhaps the cruelest out of all of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. So we sued and got a court ruling barring the practice. We’ve helped reunite more than 2,000 families since then. The legal fight continues as we press the administration to reunite the thousands of others that remain separated. We won’t rest until we’ve reunited them all.
• As a candidate, Trump promised to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in response, seven states have enacted laws banning abortion. We’ve challenged five of these bans, and got injunctions on every single one. Thanks to our collective action, abortion remains legal in all 50 states. We anticipate more state bans in the year to come, and we’ll be ready.
• The president tried to rig the census by adding a question about citizenship to intimidate immigrant participation. The impact would have been dire: By deterring tens of thousands of immigrants from filling out the form, the question would have resulted in congressional under representation and less federal support for districts where immigrants live. But we fought the administration all the way to the Supreme Court, and won. Together, we preserved the integrity of our democracy.
Wins like these are powerful. But what gives me the most hope are the people behind this work: our relentless team of lawyers, organizers, policy analysts, and our supporters – you’re a big part of this.
Steve, you allow all of this to happen – whether you’ve made a donation or a phone call to Congress, showed up at a rally, or spread the word about the most pressing civil rights battles we face.
So when Trump doubles down on his attacks in the coming year, we have the team ready to fight back – to defend our right to abortion, seek asylum, vote, or exercise any of our constitutional rights and liberties. We will continue to secure our freedoms and advance equality.

David Cole
ACLU Legal Director
P.S. It’s tough to capture all that we’ve done together in the past three years, but I attempt to in this piece I wrote. Give it a read and learn more about how we fought the Trump administration together.

Doesn’t this email, that showed up in my email inbox, give you the warm fuzzies ?  ACLU filing 140 lawsuits and 100+ other legal actions…  I am not aware If any action initiated by the ACLU to provide assistance or protect anyone in the chronic pain community or other pts that are dealing with subjective diseases.

millions of pts dealing with human rights violations and civil rights violations and some pts given no choice but suicide because of their under/untreated unrelenting pain.

How many chronic pain pts have reached out to the ACLU to only be told that they don’t have the resources to provide any help ?

According to this letter apparently illegal immigrants well being is a much higher priority than many of our country’s own citizens.

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  1. Well why isn’t the ACLU Facebook page inundated w posts from patients I never see ANY SOMEONE Needs TO GET ON THE BALL quit posting in groups where no one will see it. Have weekly protest in front of their offices

  2. I have reach out to the ACLU 4 times,,,the last 2 by a recommendation from a actual employee of the ACLU’S state of Wisconsin employee ,a secratery,who actually quit after they denied our cry for help,,again
    ,,In my search as to the ,”why,;; all the ACLU’s were denying not just me,but 100’s of others who reach’d out to their states aclus as well,,,we discovered that alll politicians can donate to all aclu’s,,in their own names..My state,,Wisconsin,is huge on gay rights,,and guess who’s senator is gay,,ie Tammy Baldwin,,my guess is,,a lot of politicians donate to the aclu,under there own name,,thus a lot of $$$$$$$$ for the ACLU’s,,soo again,$$$$$ and those who value $$$$$ over human life, choose once again to kill the Mockingbirds,,the sick,the dieing,the handicapp,medcally ill,,the weakest in our society,because they can,,,,


  3. This sort of amazing discrimination always brings me back to the same place. And its a bad place, but the right place, IMHO.
    The DOJ/AG CAN’T permit Opiates to be good for anything at anytime, anywhere, for any reason (except the “addict” healer, Suboxone) or they will not get everything they want from the pharm mfg. ‘law’ suits.
    The next question is obvious but I believe our most difficult; How to we push back The Federal Department of Justice …the overlord of the AGs and DEA?

  4. I received a reply from this Bozo fraud firm.that told me they didnt think they cpuld help with my concerns of being denied medication , As soon as I started reading that piece I knew right away they are “politically motivated” How could a firm like that be neutral on what they will fight and what they wont?? Fricken politics in everything today And they choose the clowns no less!!

  5. they didn’t even bother to give me the (relatively, conceivably) valid excuse that they didn’t have enough funds…just a flat “we do not choose to get involved with this issue at this time.” Just like the main state org that claims to defend civil rights of Oregon’s citizens…& the pain situation in Oregon is about as egregiously messed up as any state in the Union. Especially given that the anti-opioid zealots are completely ignoring their own ignorance, lack of knowledge, massive bias, & dreadful conflicts of interest. And they’re arrow-targeting poor & disabled people first –guess why.

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