abt 32 million Americans could be effected by this discriminatory policy


Because state regulations vary, Costco Pharmacy is unable to fulfill prescription orders for Schedule II Controlled Drugs for patients without insurance.

I was looking at Costco’s mail order pharmacy web page and found the above blanket statement.   We have about 10% of our population that does not have health insurance. Current USA population is 340 million.

Using some estimated averages there is probably some 3-6 million people that have a valid medical needs for being prescribed a C-II.  Of course, this number doesn’t take into affect the number of people with health insurance whose health insurance will NOT PAY FOR C-II’s.   This statement on Costco’s website is not clear if CASH for C-II is just a plain NO-NO… regardless if the pt has insurance that will not pay.

Does this suggest that “corporate healthcare” is really not “healthcare for all ” ?

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  1. That’s completely not ok. I wonder if part of it could be that GoodRX discounts are often cheaper than using your Insurance? Their headquarters is across from Seattle in Kirkland, I believe? Perhaps when the virus is over we can go have a chat? Why does everything seemingly start here in WA – the first anti pain law in the country in 2011, four PROP members at the University of WA, our laws getting co-opted by the CDC, and then we are the epicenter Ground Zero for the virus? This used to be a really wonderful state.

  2. The DOJ is encouraging sealing up tight any medicines that are good to undo damage and offer better health and are getting enormous amounts of cooperation (if the price is right). That pharm suit money will become more difficult to get should any medicine appear to be any good for anything. Smart.

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