Florida investigative reporter doing 30 minute special on pts not getting meds updated 03/18/2014



Matt Grant has done several 3-4 minute reports over the last month on pts not getting their medications because of Pharmacists “not comfortable”.. looking for people in the Orlando area to send him a video for him to use on this expose special…  Matt is an investigative reporter for channel 2 www.wesh.com in Orlando. If you can do this and don’t.. the next time that you can’t get your meds … look in the mirror to see who contributed to your problem… YOU DO NOTHING…. YOU GET NOTHING …

IMPORTANT – Attention ALL Chronic Pain Patients who have problems getting scripts filled. Matt Grant the investigative reporter for WESH 2 NEWS contacted me with this request. PLEASE HELP HIM OUT by making a video if this pertains to you or anyone you know. Here’s the message –
The videos need to be longer – about 25-30 seconds – they need to be shot horizontally (longways, not up and down) – and patients need to say more than just that they are a “chronic pain” sufferer. We need to know: Their name and where they are from? (We do not want anyone who lives outside of Florida)? What they suffer from (specifically)? How long have they been rejected for pain medication? What medication is being rejected? What do pharmacists tell them? How has this impacted their quality of life?
> Please pass that along so that we can use the videos the patients are kind enough to send us. Could you have the woman who shot that redo it?
> Thanks!
> Matt
Email Matt at mjgrant@hearst.com

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  1. Heres a red flag: your pharmacist characterizes you without knowing you, and your medical history and personality traits are none of their business.
    Your doctor knows your case, spends time and keeps track of your patterns.
    The Term “red flag” is a RED FLAG!
    Patients are lied to.
    Trust in this system has vanished.
    Matt wants to contribute.
    Get your face and your story on his report.

  2. Matt is doing a great job.

  3. Does this apply to Florida residents only or can anyone from any state send in video?? This is NOT just a Florida issue… Any advice would be great. Feel free to private message me or post here. We have cancer patients that are also Veterans having issues in KY and TN!! That is just the tip of iceberg. Thanks in advance for any information!!

    • I don’t know, send him your video.. if he doesn’t want to use it.. he won’t.. if he does.. he will … he only wants a 20 second video stating your name and you can’t get your meds

  4. PainWarrior Woman he doesn’t need a video of the denial. What he needs are 20 second videos just saying your name, condition and I can’t get my medication. Even thou he is a FL reporter this is a national problem. You could state where you are from in the video. Another thing that can help is sending this info to your local reporter and asking them to cover it.

  5. I too am having problems getting my meds, but in Az and due to both pain management dr’s & pharmacies. Oh, and Medicare Plan D.

    • Hi Julie. Could you please explain briefly how Medicare Plan D has prevented you from getting your pain medication?

  6. I will be doing this tomorrow as I am a 4 back surgery survivor who now has a rare condition called Transverse Myelitis. and can’t ge5t my medications some months on time because the pharmacy can’t order them so I have to go through withdrawls some months from Fentanyl. Dept. of Health needs to step in and over throw DEA rulings.

    • classic example of how ‘chronic pain patients’ exaggerate their condition to make it sound more serious. notice that she’s a surgery ‘survivor’. that’s a term that started with cancer patients when there was virtually no cure for cancer of any kind. notice that she knows the medical terminology and she makes a point to say that its rare.
      please don’t take this personally, nancy. it is common for people who take pain drugs on a regular, ongoing basis to try to generate sympathy from others with this type of behavior. pharmacists see it all the time and we can tell when somebody is trying to scam us. ‘too early’ refills, paying cash this time, showing up at a pharmacy 100 miles from where you live. these are some (but definitely not all) of the red flags that get raised.
      best advice, if you haven’t heard it before… stay away from the chains. you are not their priority. find a friendly, local, independent pharmacist who will get to know you and cultivate a relationship. you will be amazed at what a pharmacist who cares can do to help.

      • Ok Mr. Compassion, it’s obvious you’re not in chronic pain. If she is in chronic pain and gets out of bed everyday, SHE’S A SURVIVOR!! Yes we know the “medical terminology” because a chronic pain patient sees an average of 7-11 doctors before they are ever given a diagnosis, including the doctors who tell them it’s in their heads. And if not for chronic pain patients, get the damn DEA out of the way of our returning warriors who return from battle looking for some quality of life only to be treated like addicted trash. A pain specialist recently told me that because there is no real knowledge of how to treat pain with alternative medicine, most pain patients will end up as heroin users, having heart attacks or committing suicide. I believe it because it is people like you who make me want to have a heart attack. We are not all addicts; you know opiates are addictive; it’s not a question of if but when. But some of us are able to take our meds as prescribed for years-why are we being punished for the few who have fallen victim to Big Pharma?’

      • I’ve had CRPS for 21 years. It’s an incredibly painful and debilitating illness which I was diagnosed with while still in my 20’s. I’m approaching 50 now and have had a successful career and a pretty decent life, thanks to pain management and physical therapy regimes which have allowed me to control the very bad days which would have otherwise had me on permanent disability.

        There is no cure for CRPS. I am very much a survivor, thank you very much. Everyday that I open my eyes I have no idea what level of pain that day will bring. How dare you deny anyone who fights a battle with any chronic illness the validity of their own every day acts of survival??

      • William Sarraf,

        Your ignorance is so apparent…how fortunate you are that you don’t have to live with chronic debilitating pain on a daily basis! If you did you would understand that many who suffer from it often think of taking their lives because they can no longer live with the pain and being unable to have any quality of life or work or play with their children or even cook them a home cooked meal. She is a “survivor” because rather than take the easy way out and check out of this world she crawls out of bed everyday doing the best she can. A chronic pain patient who wakes up each day and is strong enough to stick around and deal with the horrible pain is a SURVIVOR! since you obviously don’t go through what we go through every day you have no need to comment on the subject! Who are you to judge her or determine whether she is or is not a survivor??? She is in my eyes and I’m sure in the eyes of all those in her life that love her and need her!

      • the DEa bragged about forceing millions of vets off pain meds , how many suicides ? Does not matter as you have trolls who think it is their right to dictate the terms of quality of care ,of life . DEa must be sued as they are dictators of war and war propaganda that makes money for thier war machine , lots of folks can not wait to see them die a slow death for their agenda for our vets

  7. Have an incident that happened today but we don’t have a video and we are not in FL……

    • Matt from WESH 2 wants anyone, anywhere to make a very short video of themselves telling their personal story. Your name, where you live and what your experience is.

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