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Forest Grove man wrongly arrested by Hillsboro cops, sues for $4 million


A Forest Grove man is suing the city of Hillsboro and six police officers for $4 million after he was mistakenly arrested for a string of Hillsboro and Beaverton pharmacy robberies last year.

Adam M. Horstman alleges civil rights violations, false arrest and malicious prosecution in his lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court. He claims that police had no probable cause to arrest him July 4 as he was packing his car for a trip with his family and then to hold him in jail until July 9.

The arrest caused him to lose his job and lose trust for law enforcement, the lawsuit says.

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Horstman, 28, was accused of stealing oxycodone and Ambien from pharmacies at a Rite Aid store and two Albertsons in Hillsboro and another Albertsons in Beaverton in May and June.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office dropped robbery and theft charges against Horstman on July 9, citing the need for further investigation.

Investigators subsequently linked fingerprints found on a note used during one of the robberies to Shawn M. Simmons, 29, of Beaverton.

When Hillsboro detectives went to Simmons’ home, he walked them through the house and showed them the clothes he wore during the robberies and several prescription drug bottles he stole, according to court documents. Police arrested him July 24.

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  1. I hope the court not only dropped the charges but expunged the arrest and totally cleared his record

  2. Used to be Innocent until proven guilty. Now it’s Guilty until proven innocent. Then sometimes innocent and still found guilty for years until some kind of break in case/ Miracle. ?

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