If this is the “ghost of ACA future” give me the poison pill now !

Mass. gets permanent custody of teen

Family of Justina Pelletier devastated after Mass. judge’s ruling


MASS started a ACA type of state wide healthcare a few years ago.. the template for what Congress passed as our national ACA.. that started the first of the year..

If you have not been following this story.. you have to read about it.. IMO .. it is the most convoluted medical mess..

Reader’s digest version … this started one year ago.. teen was taken to hospital to see specialist that she had been  seeing for years – because of transfer – at another nearby hospital  …  two “young” medical professional ( one – I believe was a Psychologist ) saw teen in ER.. determined that the Dx ( mitochondrial disease)  from the specialist was wrong.. that the kid was suffering from mental issues …accused the parents of abusing the child. Got the state Child protective services involved..  court would not let the expert/specialist that had been treating her for years to get involved…. A year ago the teen was ambulatory & active.. now she is bed/chair confined because of her untreated mitochondrial disease… and it goes down hill from there.

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  1. i must be dense, what is the connection to either the ACA or the ACA type system in MA?

    Per Steve
    The MA program is a single payor system.. where coverage and costs are basically regulated by the state government. I believe locally it is referred to a Romeycare.. Many believe that Romeycare is the template for the ACA. The “back bone” of the ACA is suppose to be ACO’s here is a news article published today

    60% Of Doctors Won’t Join ACOs IMO.. it is an example of a much larger systemic problem with our healthcare system.. which a single payor system will just exacerbate the problem.

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