Rumor on the street 07/20/2013

What do you do when a relief RPh in a store is a senior male and the store’s restroom is up two flights of stairs and the RPH is unable to climb the stairs? Reportedly in this very old building.. there is a old freight elevator, that will go up to the second floor in this bldg..

The rumor is… that the RPH was denied the ability to use the elevator and area supervisor(s) authorized to store expense a male urinal for the RPH to use..  except a male urinal will accommodate only one bodily function… and the rumor goes on to state that the RPH may have soiled himself… because of not being able to get to the restroom.

I guess that the supervisors for this large chain pharmacy/PBM has never heard that refusing, denying or interfering with an employee’s use of restroom facilities when needed is a OSHA violation.  Besides, if a Senior Pharmacist is unable to climb stairs to reach the restroom… he apparently has some sort of handicap and as I remember that the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) mandates that an employer has to make reasonable accommodations for an employee’s handicap. Should this Senior Rph even been assigned to work in this store  in the first place? Does the person that places/assigns relief RPH’s even know who they are placing and/or what the store’s facilities are like… or do they really care… suggests once again.. that RPH’s are considered a generic commodity and are suppose to be clones of each other.

One could also come to the possible conclusion, that if this particular store only has a second floor employee restroom.. then they are not really able to hire anyone with certain handicaps.. Couldn’t that be a discrimination in their hiring practices… back to the ADA …

I don’t know the exact location of this store…but.. may have been in the state capital of a east coast state…

When you think that a corporation cannot sink any lower… they somehow manage to drop lower… there seems to be no bottom and/or they have not reached it yet…

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  1. This store is in my old district….so I guess you know the location.

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