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  1. PERFECT,,,,,maryw

  2. He mentioned this once on air but rather long ago and we were all very glad.
    Since he fell on his coccyx the other day only now has he mentioned it again, …however accurately.
    In other words he had to power to broadcast the truth of this outrage, …and ‘sat on it’, even after my request to do more and what must have been many other similar requests.

  3. THANK YOU, Greg Gutfeld! I wish to heavens that we, the people suffering most by an asinine, totally misguided, opioid prescribing “guideline” had MORE national exposure by people that understand what is truly happening with the “opioid crisis”. The war on drugs continues but, toward the wrong people! TOO much $$$$ to be lost if a real crackdown on illicit substances happened? Ask Mitch, he knows.

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