Getting the word out on the denial of care for pts with chronic health issues


Date Host Station/media
1/5/21 Eric Gajewski TradCatKnight
1/11/21 Bob Frantz AM1420 Cleveland/Salem
1/11/21 Dom Giordano AM1210 WPHT, Philadelphia
1/11/21 Joyce Kaufman 850WFTL, Florida
1/11/21 Andy Caldwell KNNEWS 98.5, Santa Barbara
1/12/21 Jeff Crouere AM990 WGSO, New Orleans
1/12/21 Lee Eici 94.9FM, Connecticut
1/12/21 Karen Kataline AM1190 WSMN,
1/12/21 Jaime Umphenour 1230AM KPRL, California
1/13/21 Bruce Tria 1390AM WRIV, New York
1/13/21 Faune Riggin 960AM KXIM, Missouri
1/13/21 Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg NEWSMAX
1/14/21 Nora Firestone AM1110 WKQA, Virginia
1/14/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/14/21 Richard Sachs Podcast
1/14/21 Bob Bird WSRM Regional, Alaska
1/15/21 Joshua Phillips Epoch Times TV
1/15/21 John Loeffler Steel on Steel
1/15/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/16/21 Gary Goldman AM680 WCRN, Boston
1/16/21 Darren Weeks Governing America
1/17/21 Dan Happel Connecting the Dots
1/19/21 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show
1/19/21 Dr. Carole Leiberman Dr. Carol’s Couch
1/21/21 David Zere America’s Voice

With citizens like you standing with us in this new era of massive censorship and attacks on Free Speech and the First Amendment, I want you to know how CFFS is racing forward to challenge Americans to STAND UP and be counted. 

Namely, with a national media blitz that is taking me into every corner of America. 

In 21 days, I have has 25 interviews and reached millions of ears with the message of free speech and what we can do to restore it. 

There is a new page on the CFFS site that will list every appearance from now on, and I invite you to check back frequently to judge the impact we are having. 

Some notable interviews have been with NEWSMAX, Epoch Times, Steel on Steel and America’s Voice… and we are just getting started.

My experience thus far shows me that there are millions of people just you who are hopping mad and understand that we must act now and in our local communities.

As a result, there is a steady stream of new CFFS members pouring in every day.

Please do not let up in telling everyone you know to come and join CFFS! 

United we stand, divided we fall. We MUST keep Free Speech and the First Amendment alive in America. 

For Liberty, 

Patrick Wood
Founder and Executive Director

CFFS is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and relies
exclusively on the donation of its members.

This is a email that I received … a 501(c)(3) that going after free speech and apparently able to get interviews with various media.  Is this something that the community should be looking into ?  All the <D> candidates stated that HEALTHCARE is a (human) RIGHT…  How many in the community has HEALTH INSURANCE but unable to get healthcare/treatment for some of their health issues ?  I suspect that contacting these media outlets with a list of questions that they can ask and the person representing the community was prepared for…. they may jump at the opportunity

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