Pt’s new Doc cuts long term Opiate/Benzo by 75% – cold turkey – hypertensive crisis and DEATH soon followed

Hi Steve, I have a question for you. I’m considering contacting a lawyer regarding filing a wrongful death suit against her general practitioner for cutting her pain meds down from 240 to just 60 in a single visit as well as reducing her benzo from 60 a month to just 15 at the same visit after being on the same meds over twenty years. Absolutely ZERO tapering. Soon after, my mom’s hypertension increased significantly with no actions taken by her doctor. She also had severe migraines with possible transischemic attacks in her history overlooked. Her death was sudden, unexpected and at home. She was only 61, aside from arthritis history of breast cancer with successful partial Mastectomy, she had no other real issues health wise. The county coroner denied an autopsy at her time of death, deeming her history enough to bypass one during “Covid-19 bodies piling up.” Mind you, Ohio is at its absolute worst right now. So I want to bring charges against the Coroner as well because the state defines an unnatural death as any death that occurs in the home unexpectedly, regardless of age/murder/suicide/etc. I have to prove medical neglect, harm, etc. How many Chronic Pain Patients have been successful in collecting damages for their devastating loss? I want justice for our family and for our community. Another significant notable insight: this doctor was only her Dr for 3 months & 10 days. Immediately after he found out she passed he immediately trashed her online records so we couldn’t pull them. So basically he came on and decided 20 year history wasn’t sufficient for him, had a fear of prescribing or personal belief in not using pain meds, etc. He barely knew my mother and was the voice that okayed the coroner to deny autopsy-destroying ALL evidence of any damage his decisions wrecked havoc on her body, heart or brain.

It is pretty well known that intentionally throwing a pt into a cold turkey withdrawal when both a opiate & benzo is involved… there is a higher probability of a hypertensive crisis… causing stroke, health attack, death.

I am not an attorney, but if a prescriber is an employee of a large healthcare corporation and the prescriber is just complying with some corporate edict on reducing all pts to a certain level predetermined level and ignoring a pt’s long term therapy.   If the corporation may end up with some liability for attempting to practice medicine without a license.

Would the estate of this pt have a better legal case if they had done something like I suggested in this post call their bluff with a letter from attorney ?

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  1. If I were you I’d get a hold of Dr. Pam Popper. She’s in Columbus. She’s currently suing Mike DeWine for illegal lockdowns and masks. Anyway she’s got an fb page. Message her about this. She if she’ll help?

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