What, how and when opiates really kills people

This chart is suppose to be from the CDC.  It indicates that only 9.2% of opiate OD’s are from pharma opiates, BUT – the title on the graph says “ILLICIT DRUGS”… so none of the OD’s from a pharma opiate alone the person DID NOT HAVE A RX FOR THE PHARMA OPIATE IN THEIR TOXICOLOGY ? There are ten columns and six columns indicated that illegal Fentanyl was found in toxicology – either the sole reason for the OD or in combination with other substances.  Those percentages add up to at least 50% of all OD’s from this group of OD’s.

Two important years to note in this graph. 2012, reportedly the year that opiate Rxing peaked and 2016 the start of the CDC guidelines.

All the lines – except the > 65 y/o shows a sharp upturn.

From 2012 to 2017 all the values more than doubled.

Does this suggest that those >65/yo continued to get at least a moderate amount of pain medication ?

What we still don’t know – either because the CDC doesn’t have the data or doesn’t share the data, if these OD’s were accidental overdoses or SUICIDES ?

Does this also suggest that illegal Fentanyl started showing up on the street as “Heroin” or the street dealers were mixing in illegal Fentanyl to increase the available supply.  Heroin has to be grown whereas illegal Fentanyl is chemical reactions and the only limits to the quantity that can be produced/obtained is obtaining the basic chemicals and space to “mix the chemicals and package the final product”.

It was claimed that Illegal Fentanyl was less expensive than Heroin and mg to mg it was at least TWELVE TIMES the potency.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion. It states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”… so it would appear that for every action by the Federal/State bureaucracies to stop addiction and OD’s … DID JUST THE OPPOSITE

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  1. Yep, everything the govmint has done has had the opposite effect from what they claim to want. And it doesn’t work, so they do it more. Still doesn’t work, so they do it more & more & harder. Repeat ad infinitum.

    Either they truly meet Einstein’s definition of insanity, or they’re aiming at some goal completely unrelated to reducing OD deaths.

    For that matter, do they actually know how many people die of ODs? i know they count the # of types of opioids in the dead person & count that person as being 2 or 3 or whatever OD deaths (which still strikes me as a really neat trick; one person can die three times!). But do they actually keep track of the true # of bodies, or would that mean their numbers were too low to raise hysteria even in a propaganda campaign?

    The last time I really investigated the issue, they didn’t have a clue what percentage of the ODs had legit prescriptions for opioids; they were all just lumped together, as we’re always conflated with recreational drug abusers. A fact which has had me so enraged for so long I’m surprised I haven’t yet stroked out or had a heart attack.

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