Stand and Fight Podcast – Darleen H. Palmer forced reduce dosages and SUICIDE

Click on the link below to listen to a 32 minute pod cast that details how a ultra fast metabolizer intractable chronic pain pt was forced to decrease his dose OVER 75% and he ended up committing suicide… evening behind a young wife with FOUR KIDS.

In this episode Darleen shares the story of her husband Adam. He caught a rare disease from a tick called Rocky mountain spotted fever which left him dependent on pain meds to function. The problem became dealing with the insurance companies and his struggle to find common ground with them. In the end her husband took his own life. Now she is her to tell his story and to help other families in need. She is now a single mother of 4. Sometimes we don’t think about the 1% who live with an insane amount of pain on a daily basis. They need medication just to function. Myself being a recovering addict i always fight for everyone to be drug free but this conversation helped me with the other patients who actually need it. A voice clip of the husband’s suicide goodbye message is on this podcast so if you are vulnerable or feel you might be triggered please don’t listen or listen with a friend.

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