Money spent…. promising made… promises broken… business as usual

Joe Biden claims that he is going to only raise taxes on people with over $400,000 .. apparently to help pay for his proposed “medicare for all”…

But according to this, there is only 32,000 families that makes > $400,000….  as a nation we spend abt $10,000/person/yr for medical care…. meaning  no premiums, no deductible, no copay would cost us abt $3.2 TRILLION/yr for this program.  That amount of money is equal to our entire Federal taxes cash flow and we are currently – and for the past 11 yrs – have been spending a EXTRA TRILLION/YR.

So those people who make > $400,000/yr would only have to pay $10 million/yr each to pay for the medicare for all programs.

But he has also stated that he is going to rescind all the Trump tax cuts… so everyone who got a tax break from those new tax rates …. they will go away… so is that RAISING TAXES ON EVERYONE ?

It is claimed that abt 50% of all families PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES…

Having health insurance and getting adequate healthcare services are not the same… just ask a lot of chronic pain pts that have health insurance but can’t find a prescriber that will treat their pain and/or their insurance will not pay for their meds and/or will limit on how many doses that they will pay for each day.

Of course, > 50% of all physicians are >55 y/o… and many of them will just elect to retire … leaving most pt care to ARNP, PA, NP – middle level practitioners.

Most likely, Joe will go back to what he knows best – ACA – where we were promised that every family would save $2500, but only those who were poor enough to qualify for “financial assistance” and put on a Medicaid program… was able to save money…  every one else got their premiums to double or triple and deductibles went up to $10,000/person/yr…. and everyone got limited choices of hospitals and practitioners

Because,,  ACA was basically two parts – state Medicaid programs & private insurance – and a lot of Medicaid programs have been “farmed out” to private insurance (HMO).

All anyone has to look towards as a template as to what a “national insurance” could be is the VA prgm and Medicare Advantage prgms … enough said.

Remember the “open mike moment” with Joe whispering in Obama’s ear when they were announcing implementation of ACA …” this is a BIG F….ING Deal”

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  1. Yes, just ask the vets who were getting their main(only) health care through the VA. Months to see a Dr., get a diagnosis, even in Phoenix dying in the parking lot. When Trump enabled lazy entrenched bureaucrats to be fired and Dr. of choice veterans’ health care improved greatly. My husband goes to the VA and is happy with the new changes. I have read that many Canadians and other citizens with socialized medicine aren’t that happy with it. Wait times and care are lacking, but rich people can still get the good care. Not sure what needs to be done, but as the article stated, just because you have excess to Dr.s doesn’t mean you get treated or treated well. I can’t help but wonder with universal health care, that there will have to be priorities for treatment. Productive young people will be prioritized over the chronically ill, elderly and disabled. In Canada there was a family with a critically ill child that was seeking treatment and was refused. Another child in England was refused treatment in Italy. Parents can lose custody of children in health matters. Health care needs to be available but not forced with high premiums and deductibles or poor choices of Dr.s. Congress should have the same health care plan that their voters have!!

  2. We can only pray that Nov 3 EVERYONE with a brain cell votes Republican on whole ticket If anymore of these Communist Demorats get into office we can forget about what the U.S. was an stood for as a country. And for every idiot I see driving with a mask on I no thats a vote for Harris/Biden Thankfully I only see that 1 out of every 20 cars 🙂

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