Speeding up getting your disability application approved ?

Pharmacist Steve, would you please share this? I’ve seen so many complain about not getting the disability they need, so I asked people working in disability. This is what was shared with me. I don’t get disability, but I will follow this method if I ever needed it. I’ve heard people say they’ve been waiting for years to be approved.

Get all your medical records yourself, copy them all (save copies for yourself), put them all in chronological order with the newest stuff on top – each thing together, so from one doctor, all of those records in chronicle order from the newest on the top, the oldest on the bottom then do each doctor like that, and then all your MRI reports in chronological order, x-ray reports, and so on, etc. Go to the social security blue book ( https://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/AdultListings.htm ) and find your disabling conditions, fing what keywords that they need to see, and ONLY those key words then highlight them in your copied medical files. That way, when they go through hundreds of people’s files and scan everything, they don’t have to rely on spotting those words in their quick scans. You already pointed them out. Get all your records together and deliver them to the social security administration. Some people get a phone interview. Others only get a letter. Using this method many people get disability in 10 to 30 days. The average approval letter is in 14 days using this method. Try to remember, the approval committee is scanning over a hundred charts a day looking for those keywords. (And lets be serious, when you’re going that fast you’re bound to miss stuff.) This method doesn’t waste their time. Show them what they need to know and no more. I pray this helps all that need it.


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  1. I had an attorney was still denied even though I had a lung disease and
    Several other diseases. I was told by the Social Security Doctor that they looked at my other diseases first w/o looking at my lung disease. Told me to re-apply on a lung condition, I did, got it right away.

    You have to make sure your Doctor/Lawyer fills out the forms with the
    Specific reason for your disability if you have more than one disease. If
    Your like me, pick the worst one first.

  2. Applying in 2004 and continuously denied, it took 12 years to get it although well qualified, by using a TV firm starting with “Hog…”. They got it through in two years but only after I HAD TO say ‘bye’ to the majority of the back pay. He said its that or nothing.

    I hope I am not being too paranoid to wonder if some of that cash went to the attorney and the magistrate.

  3. I’m laughing my hiney off right now. So far from the truth as to how it works. Get an attorney first. It still takes up to five years. If your terminal, meaning months to live, it takes about sixty days. Lol. One word, attorney, they know the law.

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