A video diatribe attacking yours truly over something that I SHARED ?

Below is a link to a post I made a few days ago..  as I often do, I cut/paste things that I see on the web and make it as a post on my blog.  I typically do not share the name of the person who originally made the post… just as I did this time.  Apparently Claudia thought that someone was posting about her.  But she took 20 minutes out of her busy day to attempt to give me a rip.  Except she apparently didn’t read the post itself, must have read just what ended up being posted on FB.. as a share from my blog… where post graphics are not included.  Which in using her myopic point of view and inferring information not included… she went on this video diatribe focusing on lies about me ,my professional Pharmacist status , my activity as a chronic pain advocate and negative comments concerning the spelling and grammar in the text that I ONLY SHARED  !

Below is the only comment on this video before comment section was closed… it pretty much says it all

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Someone defrauding those in the chronic pain community for their own personal gain ?

Funny how she claims NOT to know who he is, as she tries to belittle and mock him by calling him a “Little man”……….
Yet like 30 seconds later she starts talking about his blog post’s from over 4 months previous and knows all about him ……….
Showing once again that she is lying through her teeth here……….

The other irony is that in the Blog post of his that she is attacking him over, He himself never actually wrote anything about her at all ……….
And he did NOT even mention her by name……….
Funny as neither did the patient whose comment he had shared………….

So essentially Claudia put herself out here once again…….

Guess she really should take her own advice about posting “Crazy Shit”
Like all that madness she posts about the DEA and those doctors she thinks are innocent………
You know the ones that are actually guilty and have killed patients……..
Like the two she has promoted repeatedly over the past year ……….
One of them lost a patient on the table while he was performing a procedure ……….
And the other was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of his patient whose “Tooth” he was extracting ………..
Those are some real stand up pillars of the community there ……………

Just as here she is shown smearing a member of the pain community taking pot shots, snipes and swipes at him……
Trying to call him out and bait him into giving her what she wants…………
This seem’s to be her “Go To” response anytime her horrible behavior is exposed by someone…………
Put then down, Mock them, Then try to insinuate that they have done nothing to help the pain community, Simply because they do not constantly do live streams praising and patting themselves on the back like she does on a regular basis …………. It’s always “What have you done” ???
Meanwhile nothing she has done has actually come to any fruition, well other then inflating those GoFrundMe accounts that she set’s up under other patients names, You know instead of setting them up under the 501c3 tax exempt non profit she is running …….. Talk about odd ……
Wasting all those patients donations to GoFundMe fee’s………
Of coarse the person whose name they are under will have to pay income tax on all the $$$ donated by the sick and disabled …………
Why waste 25% of that money on needless fees and taxes when she is tax exempt ???

And funny but I though she had “”Evolved”” and learned from all those other videos in which she smeared, slandered, and attacked other advocates and patients ???
Talk about not a good look and needing to put on a better face because as she says “Big brother is watching” …………

Once again patients and advocates were actively doing many different things to fight for their rights BEFORE you came along in 2018 ………
You had nothing to do with that Legislation in Oklahoma which actually got voted through and signed into law ……..
Unlike that Legislation of yours that you have been touting for over 2 years now and that was poorly written that still has not been able to get through your state Senate ………..
Remember that “Rally” in Washington DC ???
Yea the one that you sniped the idea for holding Rally’s from to begin with ……..
Just like how you also sniped the original group Name Don’t Punish Pain that the Award winning advocate Ken McKim had been using for over 4 years BEFORE you came along………….
Sad that he had to retain an attorney and threaten legal action as you tried to trademark his pages name ………………

As to the video game thing that you find so weird…….
That sure is an odd thing to be so in a huff and worked up about. ???
I can’t see how playing a “Video Game” is somehow such a bad look for the community ……
Can’t be worse then the attack / smear videos you make ………
Funny that you would try to “Mock” them over something like this ???
Especially as nobody has ever seen the two men your talking about actually play any video games “Together” ever ……..
I have a feeling they will get a kick out of this specific bit of information when I pass this along to each of them …………
Just so you know ….. I don’t think many of the people you call trash troll haters actually “Hate” you ……..
I think they simply hate how horrible you act and treat other people in the pain community……………..

Seem’s you have some really bad sources providing you information …………….

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  1. Since she does, after all, carry a roll of toilet paper While posing with her lonesome self all while on the front of her book for a cure to an incurable disease/ailment, is it fair to say that she’s ready, willing and able to be full of shit at the drop of a hat? Ha ha.

  2. Get this lunatics email address, report her to her email provider
    For harassment. They can stop her by removing her email account.

  3. I’ve seen other vids by Claudia, including some attacking good friends who are incredibly hard-working CPP advocates…the woman is unbalanced, to put it mildly. It’s really unfortunate that she’s one of the most visible “advocates” for CPPs, since she repeatedly gives the impression that we’re deranged, hysterical, &/or high wackos. This negative reinforcement we do not need.

  4. Steve: you have always been a friend to the chronic pain community. This woman obviously has some issues. Well, the whole subscription, actually. I always appreciate your posts and the info you provide. Thanks again!

  5. I found this video after watching her video. This is her from Jan 2018 trashing Lauren Really professional Saying she would never ask for money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wc816ZWlSo

    • Thank you Dee. That was a nightmare & she made videos about me slandering me for nearly 2 years. I tried for police assistance and even got a restraining order but she never stopped. The police really needs to get involved. This is not moral behavior

  6. I know I haven’t been sitting on my ass doing shit for the past 3 years. I rallied pain patients and met with Federal and Provincial reps, wrote hundreds of emails, helped patients get needed meds, helped prevent patients from being tapered and even cut off, engaged in conversation with policy makers and had some success in getting concessions. My biggest effort at advocacy is that I filed a human rights complaint and am using case law, Federal law and Provincial law to support it. Others have been doing far more than what I have. One person who is making significant strides is Tracey Fossum of Alberta. She has been fighting for patients since before 2015. She’s represented patients in court, helps place patients with doctors, she is on her Provincial pain task force and is in ongoing talks with Physicians’ Provincial governing body. This woman hasn’t stopped to take time for herself. She has even used hundreds of dollars of her own money to book rooms to meet and talk with pain patients. We may not have showed up at local news stations nor made commercials but we haven’t been sitting on our asses doing shit. Tracey is the face of pain here in Canada and she has made leaps and bounds. I guess having all your teeth comes in handy doesn’t it!

  7. Well yes remember everything she did to smear Lauren? Now she is after someone else. And on and on it goes. So very odd.

  8. Question: If you’re unaware of who Steve is or what he does, how are you able to allude to something he supposedly did to another patient you claim needed money? It’s a rather petty, transparent attempt to make yourself somehow seem better or more popular?? Either way, if you’re truly trying to be honest, don’t lie in the first 3 minutes…

  9. It to if he lll, that’s really not professional. What she did. Steve has been fighting this pain patient travesty since before 2011 that I know of. He’s never said anything NASTY about ANYONE. I find her video extremely offensive to my. Dear friend Pharmasist Steve Ariens. He’s been working with me FFPCAN . Many years WAY Before Claudia ever even was Heard of or came onto the scene of pain care . A Huge Apology to You to is in order in my. Opinion.
    And Btw? Would she or anyone think he or anyone was talking specifically them without saying their name? That’s NOT Steve! He would say their name if something was directed at them of he was going to share anything. He would ask first! Is there an ego.probkem?.an insecurity? Otherwise WHY would anyone say such defaming for no good reason without Asking him or finding OUT the Facts FIRST? That’s just not Normal. No one is that famous they couldn’t be contacted and spoken to before saying such things.
    I’m offended and it wasn’t even me her video about.
    Gee.. talk about deciding the Pain Community further?!
    I’m done! Can’t support people who take assumptions and don’t find out facts first! That’s Poor representation of this community.
    Rant over!!
    I LOVE YOU Steve and Barb Ariens Too ! Please ignore this because Most Everyone knows who YOU are and The real YOU.
    I don’t know much about her but Gave her the benefit of the doubt but NOT ANY longer! Her True personality colors just came out.
    I support the people who are real, Don’t assume shit and are Real about being Compassionate to those fighting for this cause.
    And Steve is REAL.

    Big hugs my brother! You know you can always count my support.
    I appreciate everything You DO! YOU stood UP the FL Board of Pharmacy! Thank You.for That!

    • I don’t know why. But keep security certificate issues about Steve’s Blog .then I can’t edit. So please excuse my stupid phone. It sometimes screws up my my. Posts. I can’t seem to get in and fix my.pist. but anyway,
      I hope Steve you can understand what I was saying here. I support you dear friend ALWAYS!

      • It made me SO angry?! I couldn’t even listen to all of the video. Disgusted Me! Steve’s very popular in this community. Of you don’t know who he is? You e not been in this business of advocating long enough in my opinion. To assume everyone is talking about her? Who does this lady think she is? Certainly Not a movie star and certainly not famous. Not in my opinion. That really made me angry!
        I was to speak to her to help Dr Kline. But I can’t work with people like that. I’m a Taurus and I don’t Roll that way! I’m a Professional organizing person.. It’s Not my style to get involved with the Gossip type one damn bit.

  10. Who is Claudia? Goodness, I haven’t been on here in forever so I have no idea what this is about but I just have to put in a good word for Steve who from my experience always seemed like the glue that holds this community together and he’s always been there for me when I have reached out to him.

    I think there’s some misunderstanding going on and she falls very close to slandering someone who I don’t believe is anywhere near responsible for whatever it is she’s accusing him of; I know the frustration of wanting to see more getting done and how hard it is to get people to sign on; but this isn’t going to get her the love she wants and likely needs very much. Maybe she’s done some things to further the goals and feels she’s not getting the respect she feels is deserved.

    It’s unlikely this will happen until she considers reviewing what she’s done and then she might start with an apology and if she wants to be taken seriously. She needs to get her thoughts in order as to what she’s even talking about because to just get online and let it rip like this is only going to drive people away. Does she not understand that the groups are private and suppose to be a safe place to speak out not meant for public consumption?

    My understanding is these are support groups for people who are really hurting both physically and emotionally and maybe not always thinking too clearly. In fact, if Claudia put this video diatribe up for public consumption, I think she needs to look in the mirror, spit out the gum, & stop telling us she’s not the person that she’s revealing herself to be.

  11. Some people you just won’t listen. Thanks for everything you do
    For us, hope you and your family have a Happy and Safe Easter Steve.

  12. You have my support as you always have. How other’s react is “on them”. You did nothing wrong. It is time for cpp’s to accept the damage that has been perpetrated from almost day one. The lies and smear campaign have done far more damage than anything. Thank you Steve for your support and knowledge.

  13. Yes, and if you share her video. Be ready for odd one line messages in your chat box.
    Watch it
    Watch it
    Watch it
    Watch it
    Watch it
    Watch it.
    Still desifering those encrypted messages.
    Oh’ and apparently she isnt following quarantine orders. She felt it necessary to tell me she has since had her hair done after Fridays video of herself, why she thinks I care I don’t know. ‍♀️

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